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 2011 Program

Research Symposium

Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium 2011
April 27 - April 29, Colby College, Waterville, Maine

Poster Sessions - Robins Room, Roberts

PLEASE NOTE - Posters will be set up before 12 noon on the day assigned and taken down between 5 and 6 PM on the same day. They will be on display for one day only. Posters will be attended by the authors from 12 noon to 2:00 p.m.

Wednesday - No. 1 Stephanie-Ann LaRose ('12), Psychology
Is it a Wedding or a Funeral? The Effects of Emotion and Future Planning on Memory
Wednesday - No. 2 Katherine Houser ('13), Anna Caron ('13), Kayleigh Monahan ('13) and Lauren McCrary ('12), Psychology
Experiencing Nature: The Influence of Different Sensory Modalities on the Attention Restoration Effect
Wednesday - No. 3 Melissa Krause ('12), Elizabeth Raney ('12) and Evan O'Neill ('12), Psychology
Are Memories Contagious? The Differences between Individual and Collaborative Recall on Memory across Semantic, Phonological, and Hybrid Associative DRM Lists
Wednesday - No. 4 Madeleine Cohen ('13), Adam Thompson ('13), Constance Jangro ('13) and Lisa Hoopes ('13), Psychology
Attribution of Blame: Assessing the Effects of Attractiveness and Intention on Memory for Blame
Wednesday - No. 5 Katherine Hallett ('13), Adam LaViolet ('13), Chelsea Ammons ('13) and Hillary Keach ('13), Psychology
Own-Age Bias in Face Recognition of Emotional Stimuli
Wednesday - No. 6 Elizabeth Davis ('12), Katherine Gorman ('12) and Kenneth Peterson ('12), Psychology
The Effects of Environment/Action Congruency on Imagination Inflation
Wednesday - No. 7 Anika Lindemann ('12), Physics and Astronomy
Symmetry and Stability in Network Dynamical Systems
Wednesday - No. 8 Erika Hinman ('13), Cynthia Garvin ('12), Danielle Dellarco ('13) and Olisadumbi Okoh ('13), Psychology
Physical Appearance and Personality Ratings
Wednesday - No. 9 Alessandra Welker ('11), Psychology
The Genetic and Molecular Markers of Choline Supplementation in the Hippocampus and Prefrontal Cortex of Female Rats.
Wednesday - No. 10 Julia Simons ('13), Cale Wardell ('13), Kenneth Peterson ('12) and Samuel Helm ('12), Psychology
Hot or Sweaty?
Wednesday - No. 11 Priscilla McCelvey ('13), Arvia Sutandi ('13) and Margaret Meyer ('13), Psychology
The A-Team: Assessing the Relationship Between Attractiveness, Altruism, and (Social) Aggression
Wednesday - No. 12 Shelley Kind ('13), Holly Mawn ('13), Jacqueline McLaughlin ('13) and Melanie Brown ('13), Psychology
The Effects of Source Quality and Pre-event Evaluation on Judgments of Blame
Wednesday - No. 13 Hannah Bisgyer ('11), Alyssa Lepore ('11) and Stephanie-Ann LaRose ('12), Psychology
What Happens When a Monster Bakes Cookies?: Memory of Actors and Events as a Function of Emotional Valence
Wednesday - No. 14 Derek Wise ('12) and Nicole Pickering ('12), Psychology
Effects of Gesture Training on Causal Understanding
Wednesday - No. 15 Arielle Saporta ('11) and Claire Grady ('12), Psychology
Effects of Theory of Mind on the Misinformation Paradigm
Wednesday - No. 16 Tory Gray ('11), Psychology
Exploring the Efficacy of Dietary Choline Supplementation in Preventing and Treating the Symptoms of Concussion
Wednesday - No. 17 Morganne Kraines ('11), Devin O'Brien ('12) and John DeAscentis ('11), Psychology
The Effects of Perspective on Conceptions of Punishments and Rewards in Preschoolers
Wednesday - No. 18 Emma Klein ('13), Eileen McGuire ('13), Nicholas Rimsa ('13) and Valerie Vesnaver ('13), Psychology
The effect of specific facial features on judgments of memory and likability
Wednesday - No. 19 Elisabeth Grasser ('11) and Jessica Blais ('12), Psychology
Cry Me a Beaver: False Memory for Mediated and Direct Word Lists
Wednesday - No. 20 Morganne Kraines ('11) and Nora McCall ('11), Psychology
Food for Mood: The Role of Dietary Choline in a Rat Model of Depression
Wednesday - No. 21 Anna Caron ('13) and Josef Broder ('13), Psychology
To Eat or Not To Eat: Whether 'Tis Easier in the Mind to Categorize Survival Information
Wednesday - No. 22 Arielle Saporta ('11) and Samantha Gillies ('11), Psychology
Implications of adolescent choline supplementation and gestational stress on depression
Wednesday - No. 23 Nora McCall ('11), Psychology
Nutrition for Cognition: Choline Supplementation in Male Rats Increases Working Memory Performance and Enhances Growth Factor Expression
Wednesday - No. 24 Adam LaViolet ('13), Psychology
Close But No Cigar: Access to Literal and Figurative Meanings of Idiomatic Expressions
Wednesday - No. 25 Shannon Kooser ('14) and Constance Jangro ('13), Psychology
Does Practice Make Perfect? A Comparison of Testing and Encoding Strategies on Immediate and Delayed Retention
Wednesday - No. 26 Natasha Atkinson ('11), Jessica Blais ('12) and Julia Engelsted ('11), Psychology
Fitting the Colby Personality: Predicting Subjective Well-Being Through Undergraduate Personality Comparisons
Wednesday - No. 27 Natasha Atkinson ('11), Psychology
Anhedonia and Choline Availability in a Rat Model of Schizophrenia
Wednesday - No. 28 Lisa Ha ('12), Kaitlyn Billington ('11) and Yuki Yoshida ('12), Psychology
It's All Your Fault: The Effect of Narcissism on the Interpretation of Ambiguous Feedback
Wednesday - No. 29 Andrew Bragg ('11), Annalyse Tamashiro ('12) and Megan Compaine ('12), Psychology
Effects of Post-Event Questioning and Cuing on Eyewitness Memory
Wednesday - No. 30 Carolin Maney ('12), Elizabeth DiMarco ('13), Josef Broder ('13) and Lindsay Hylek ('12), Psychology
Snap! Here Is My Decision and I Am Happy: Effects of Thought Speed, and Conscious Thinking on Enjoyment of Decision Making, and Post-Choice Satisfaction
Wednesday - No. 31 Michelle Mathai ('12), Jenifer Goldman ('12) and Ryan Trafton ('12), Psychology
The Effects Of Self-Awareness On Behavior
Wednesday - No. 32 Samantha Eddy ('13), Lauren Becker ('13), Rebecca Levenson ('13) and Sean Padungtin ('13), Psychology
The Ripple, Ripple Effect: how Racial Stereotypes Affect Blame to Distort Memory
Wednesday - No. 33 Alyssa Marquez ('11), Brittany Hughes ('12) and Kristen Erickson ('12), Psychology
The Effects of Maternal Care on Neophobic Traits in Rats
Wednesday - No. 34 Julia Bruss ('11), Psychology
Transitional Stressors: Reactivity to Social and Future-Career Stressors in Freshmen and Senior College Students
Thursday - No. 1 Nikolajs Batarags ('11), Religious Studies
Spatial Analysis of NY Latvian Lutheran Church Parishioner Demographics
Thursday - No. 2 M. Henderson ('11), Matthew LaPine ('13) and Peter Smithy ('12), Environmental Studies
Potential Impacts of Renewable Energy Infrastructure on Fisheries
Thursday - No. 3 Lloyd Liang ('13), Chemistry
Synthesis of a Tetraazadioxacalix[6]arene through a Pentimeric Intermediate
Thursday - No. 4 Bryce Pludow ('11), Geology
Comparing Middle Permian and Early Triassic Environments: Mud Aggregates as a Proxy for Climate Change in the Karoo Basin, South Africa
Thursday - No. 5 David Brazel ('12) and Daniel Echt ('11), Biology
The Maintenance and Cycling of Plasmid-Mediated Drug Resistance in a Simulated Aquaculture Environment
Thursday - No. 6 Emily Hilton ('11) and Jennifer Gemmell ('12), Biology
The Nature of D-Pax2 Regulation of Crystallin During Eye Development in Drosophila melanogaster
Thursday - No. 7 Byoungwook Jang ('14), Chemistry
Developing Primers for Human DNA for Real-Time PCR Experiments
Thursday - No. 8 Ramsey Meigs ('11), Geology
The Downcutting History of Martin Stream through Paleo-Kennebec River Deposits, Hinckley, Maine, U.S.A.
Thursday - No. 9 Sarah Flanagan ('11), Biology
Female Mate Choice and Male Physiological Condition in the Brown Anole, Anolis sagrei
Thursday - No. 10 Amy Cantor ('11), Biology
Nutrient Preferences in Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, A Pathogenic Chytrid Fungus
Thursday - No. 11 Olivia Lattanzi ('11), Biology
The Effects of Varying Stimuli on Filial Imprinting in Domestic Chicks (Gallus gallus)
Thursday - No. 12 Kaitlin Curran ('14), Elise Begin ('13) and Sarah Nalven ('13), Biology
The Effect of Temperature on Growth of Two Strains of the Pathogenic Fungus, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis
Thursday - No. 13 Travis Wright ('12), Biology
Characterizing the Zebrafish Kidney Phagocyte Respiratory Burst Response to Lyophilized Staphylococcus aureus
Thursday - No. 14 Julianne Kowalski ('11) and Sean Sullivan ('11), Biology
Environmental Implications of Horizontal Gene Transfer
Thursday - No. 15 Dhokela Yzeiraj ('13), Geology
Post Glacial Vegetation in Boulder Creek, Boulder, Colorado
Thursday - No. 16 Nathan Katsiaficas ('12), Geology
An Analysis of Geometric and Sedimentologic Characteristics of a Middle Permian Fluvial System, Karoo Basin, South Africa
Thursday - No. 17 Daniel Hoshino ('11), Kathleen Hamre ('13) and Michael Stephens ('13), Environmental Studies
Introduced Lionfish In the Caribbean and Their Detrimental Effects
Thursday - No. 18 Timothy Becker ('11), Geology
Preferred Orientations of Pyroxene in the Zagami Shergottite: Implications for Magmatic Emplacement
Thursday - No. 19 Lauren Hendricks ('11), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Ecoregions, Landcover and Conserved Land in Downeast Maine
Thursday - No. 20 Peter Smithy ('12), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Conservation Lands of Downeast Maine
Thursday - No. 21 Catherine Raker ('13) and Zakary Jaques ('13), Environmental Studies
Climate Change and the Great Barrier Reef
Thursday - No. 22 Larissa Lee ('13), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Forest and Fresh Water Habitat Suitability of Downeast Maine
Thursday - No. 23 Sophie Sarkar ('11), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Cell Phone Towers and Population Density in the Downeast Maine
Thursday - No. 24 Lauren Hendricks ('11), Keith Love ('13) and Molly Susla ('13), Environmental Studies
Impact of Wind Turbines on Birds
Thursday - No. 25 Daniel Hoshino ('11) and Meghan Cornwall ('11), Environmental Studies
Evaluating Marine Protected Areas: Case Studies in Australia and Tanzania
Thursday - No. 26 J. Sorenson ('11), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: National Priority List (NPL) Sites in Downeast Maine
Thursday - No. 27 Jennifer Helm ('11), Andrew Maguire ('11) and Lauren Hendricks ('11), Environmental Studies
Agroforestry Practices in Sumatra
Thursday - No. 28 Noah Teachey ('13), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Shellfish, Eelgrass, and Shorebird Habitat of Downeast Maine
Thursday - No. 29 Garrison Beck ('13), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Road Networks in Downeast Maine
Thursday - No. 30 Sarah Holmes ('13) and Katherine Muto ('11), Environmental Studies
Possible Long-term Impacts of Oral Contraceptive Use on Female Mate Choice
Thursday - No. 31 Sarah Holmes ('13), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Hurricane Surges and Flood Hazard Areas in Downeast Maine
Thursday - No. 32 Emily Ten Eyck ('13), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Locations of Police Stations and Fire Stations in the Downeast Region of Maine
Thursday - No. 33 Jillian Howell ('12), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Health Services in Downeast Maine
Thursday - No. 34 Catherine Raker ('13), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Locations of Schools in Downeast Maine
Thursday - No. 35 Brynna Patel ('11), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Conserved Wetlands in the Downeast Region of Maine
Thursday - No. 36 Kaitlyn Bernard ('13), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Elevation of Downeast Maine
Thursday - No. 37 Sarah Flanagan ('11), Juliette Gorson ('11) and Matthew Silverman ('12), Environmental Studies
Destruction and Development: The Impacts of Tourism on Mangrove Forests.
Thursday - No. 38 Jillian Blouin ('13), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Potential Sea Level Rise in Downeast Maine
Thursday - No. 39 Allison Brown ('12), German/Russian
The Old in the New: Iconography, Lubok and Goncharova’s Modernist Art
Thursday - No. 40 Matthew Silverman ('12) and Bjorn Knutson ('13), Environmental Studies
Tributyltin Exposure is Linked to Obesity
Thursday - No. 41 Jason Parrett ('12), German/Russian
Folktales in the Work of V.M. Vasnetsovâ
Thursday - No. 42 Nicholas Papanastassiou ('13), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Vernal Pools and Wetlands in Downeast Maine
Thursday - No. 43 Abigail Collett ('11), Chemistry
Examination of Smad3’s Role in Mediating Cell Invasion, and Its Implications in Breast Cancer Progression.
Thursday - No. 44 Allison Bolger ('13), German/Russian
“Chekhov’s Secular Saint”
Thursday - No. 45 Nathan Lord ('12), German/Russian
Political Themes in XIX-century Russian Art
Thursday - No. 46 Eleanor Hoyt ('11), Geology
Rheological Properties of Folded Layers During Natural Deformation as Determined From Quantitative Geometric Analysis of Fold Shape
Friday - No. 1 Danielle Sheppard ('11), Science, Technology, and Society
Sustainable Solutions to Climate Change Through Public Action: An Ethnographic Case Study of Bicycle Use in Copenhagen, Denmark
Friday - No. 2 Eileen McGuire ('13) and Logan Hunter ('11), Theater and Dance
Applied Contemporary Duet Choreographic Study Influenced by Contact Improvisation
Friday - No. 3 Thomas Meehan ('12) and Elliot Mermel ('12), Science, Technology, and Society
Healthcare Entrepreneurship: Outsourcing Radiology Related Diagnostics in an Aging Population
Friday - No. 4 Brynna Patel ('11), International Studies
Community Participation in River and Stream Rehabilitation, Pune, India
Friday - No. 5 Christopher Ng ('11), Morgan Lingar ('13) and Vanesa Silvestri ('12), Chemistry
Mechanisms of Cytotoxicity of Bifunctional Epoxide Cross-linking Agents
Friday - No. 6 Allyson Cheever ('11) and Sarah Harmon ('12), Computer Science
Searching for the Perfect Model: Velocity Response Curve Analysis of Circadian Clock Models for the Fruit Fly Drosophila melanogaster
Friday - No. 7 Catherine Raker ('13), Environmental Studies
Factors Influencing EPA Sites along the Hudson River
Friday - No. 8 Cassandra Coleman ('11), Alexander Boches ('11), Joseph Bellairs ('11) and Roxanne Ghazvinian ('11), Chemistry
Carbamoylating Activity Associated with the Antitumor Prodrug Laromustine Inhibits Angiogenesis in Vitro by Inducing ASK1-dependent Endothelial Cell Death
Friday - No. 9 Andrew Thomas ('11), Chemistry
Convicted Offender DNA Analysis at the Maine State Police Crime Lab
Friday - No. 10 Erin Schnettler ('11), Biology
Identification of Parathyroid-related Protein Gene (PTHrP) in Eastern Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) as a Non-Regulatory Factor in the Response to Nutritional Hyperparathyroidism
Friday - No. 11 Alexander Storer ('12), Biology
The Effect of Opsonization on Phagocytosis of Bacteria by Zebrafish Kidney Neutrophils
Friday - No. 12 Christine Reynolds ('12), Biology
Investigation of D-Pax2 Function in Drosophila Bristle Development by RNAi Knockdown
Friday - No. 13 Daniel Hoshino ('11), Biology
The Activity of Overwintering Ground Arthropods
Friday - No. 14 Ashley Johnson ('13), Biology
The Respiratory Burst Activity in Zebrafish at Two Different Temperatures
Friday - No. 15 Hannah Lafleur ('11) and Corey Reichler ('13), Environmental Studies
Human-Carnivore Conflict in Developing Countries
Friday - No. 16 Nikolajs Batarags ('11), Geology
Depth Profile Analysis of Lithium Concentrations in Mid-Atlantic Crustal Feldspars
Friday - No. 17 Hana Haver ('11), Biology
Magainin Antimicrobial Peptide Evaluated as a Candidate for AAV Gene Therapy for Cystic Fibrosis Airway Epithelium
Friday - No. 18 Patrick McBride ('11), Andrew Maguire ('11) and Sarah Flanagan ('11), Biology
Site Fidelity Behavior Displayed by the Libelluid Sympetrum vicinum on Johnson Pond
Friday - No. 19 William Bloomhardt ('12) and Meghan Cornwall ('11), Environmental Studies
Human Predator Conflict in Developed Countries
Friday - No. 20 Emily Ten Eyck ('13), Environmental Studies
Safety at Colby College: Visibility of Emergency Call Boxes with Blue Lights on Campus
Friday - No. 21 William Supple ('12) and Jazmine Russell ('13), Environmental Studies
The Effects of Pollution on Australian Coral Reef Biodiversity
Friday - No. 22 Jillian Howell ('12), Environmental Studies
Access to Green Space Across Race in Boston
Friday - No. 23 Nicholas Papanastassiou ('13) and Sarah Holmes ('13), Environmental Studies
Spatial Analysis of Cardiovascular Disease Incidence and Potential Environmental Factors in the California Bay Area
Friday - No. 24 Larissa Lee ('13) and Virginia Keesler ('13), Environmental Studies
Mechanism of Fructose as an Obesogen
Friday - No. 25 Sarah Sorenson ('11) and Emily VanWyk ('11), Environmental Studies
Arsenic in Chicken Feed: A Threat to Human Health
Friday - No. 26 Elizabeth Eaton ('11) and Amelia Fogg ('11), Environmental Studies
The Human Health Effects of Harmful Algal Blooms
Friday - No. 27 J. Sorenson ('11), Environmental Studies
Racial Demographic Trends in the District of Columbia: 1950-2010
Friday - No. 28 Garrison Beck ('13) and Larissa Lee ('13), Environmental Studies
Colby Recreational Trail System
Friday - No. 29 Kelly Roche ('11), Matthew Cheever ('12) and Yiyuan Qin ('12), Environmental Studies
The Obesogenic Impacts of Fructose-Sweetened Beverages Consumed by Children
Friday - No. 30 Leah Turino ('11) and Carly Hallowell ('13), Environmental Studies
The Effects of Mercury on Pregnant Women: The Relationship between Seafood Consumption, Mercury Exposure, and Fetal Development
Friday - No. 31 Keith Love ('13) and Michael Stephens ('13), Environmental Studies
Human Exposure to Agent Orange and Resulting Health Impacts
Friday - No. 32 Theodore Papademetriou ('11), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Transportation in Downeast Maine
Friday - No. 33 Allyson Cheever ('11) and Anne Geraghty ('11), Environmental Studies
Pollutants in Drinking Water
Friday - No. 34 Shreya Balakrishna ('12) and Andrew Thomas ('11), Environmental Studies
The Carcinogenic Effects and Human Health Costs of Arsenic Exposure
Friday - No. 35 Molly Susla ('13) and Kelly Kneeland ('13), Environmental Studies
Bisphenol A as an Obesogen
Friday - No. 36 Olivia Lattanzi ('11) and Abigail Collett ('11), Environmental Studies
Heterocyclic Amines as Carcinogens in Cooked Meat
Friday - No. 37 Peter Smithy ('12) and Noah Teachey ('13), Environmental Studies
Renewable Energy in Waterville: An Analysis of Possible Biomass Facilities and Energy Load
Friday - No. 38 Sophie Sarkar ('11), Environmental Studies
Location Location Location: An Analysis of the Distribution of Shoreline Residents Around East Pond and North Pond
Friday - No. 39 Kaitlyn Bernard ('13) and Jillian Blouin ('13), Environmental Studies
The Effects of Chemical Obesogens on Cardiac Function
Friday - No. 40 Sophie Sarkar ('11) and Tamer Hassan ('11), Environmental Studies
The Effects of Cell Phone Radiation on Male Fertility and the Brain
Friday - No. 41 Cordelia Roberts ('13) and Kathryn Lee ('13), Environmental Studies
Are Phthalates A Human Obesogen? An Examination Of Epidemiological Studies Suggesting The Link Between Phthalate Exposure And Obesity
Friday - No. 42 Nina Hatch ('13) and Lindsay Garrard ('13), Environmental Studies
Impacts of Chemical Obesogens on Thyroid Signaling
Friday - No. 43 Lauren Hendricks ('11), Environmental Studies
Modeling Habitat Suitability for Moose in Maine
Friday - No. 44 Kaitlyn Bernard ('13) and Jillian Blouin ('13), Environmental Studies
Analysis of Environmental Health Strategy Center Membership
Friday - No. 45 Sarah Kirker ('11), Mathematics
Constructing a Heegaard Splitting of the Complement of Antoine's Necklace
Friday - No. 46 Katherine Murray ('12), Jennifer Helm ('11) and Johanna Salay ('12), Environmental Studies
How Can We Make Agriculture in the United States More Sustainable?

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