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 2012 Program

Research Symposium

Celebration of the 13th Anniversary of the Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium

Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Research Posters - 6:30 PM
Keynote Presentation - 7:30 PM

Jennifer Yoder
Jennifer Yoder, Government
Arne Koch
Arne Koch, German and Russian
Herb Wilson
Herb Wilson, Biology
The keynote speakers will be Professors Jennifer Yoder (Government), Arne Koch (German and Russian) and Herb Wilson (Biology) who will share their insights and experiences as teacher-scholars working closely with students in their research. The address, on Wednesday, April 25, will begin at 7:30 pm in Ostrove Auditorium, preceded by a reception and poster presentations by selected faculty, invited by the Dean of the Faculty, and their students at 6:30 pm in the atrium of the Diamond Building.

Invited Research Poster Presentations:

Nicole Hewes ('12) and Karen Kusiak More Than Just Nonsense Verse?: The Language of Dr. Seuss and Children's Literacy
Johanna Salay ('12) and Herb Wilson Investigating the Shoreline Development on the Great Pond Littoral Environment
Peter Smithy ('12) and Russell Cole The Influence of Developed Versus Undeveloped Shoreline Sites on Great Pond
Frances Lee ('12) and Cathy Bevier Morphology and Behavior of Zebrafish after Embryonic Ethanol Exposure
Katherine MacNamee ('14) and Arne Koch VILLY: The Colby-Bates German Virtual Library
Jenifer Goldman ('12) and Christopher Soto How Does Completing a Personality Questionnaire Affect Subsequent Behavior?
David Quigley ('12) and Stephanie Taylor Circadian Clock Synchronization - Mapping Cell Characteristics to Tissue Period
Jennie Buskin ('13) and Scott Taylor Combinatorial Vector Calculus: A New Proof of Green's Theorem
Dylan Plaskon ('15) and Kevin Rice XPA Gene Knockdown using siRNA Transfection through Electroporation.
Shaquan Huntt ('13) and Cheryl Townsend Gilkes Underrated and Untold: Du Bois, African Americans, and the American Experience
Yiyuan Qin ('12) and Philip Nyhus Assessment of a Reintroduction of the South China Tigers (Panthera tigris amoyensis)
Samantha Bassman ('12) and Jennifer Yoder Vlaanderen voor de Vlaamingen: An Analysis of the Vlaamse Beweging and its Quest for Autonomy