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Senior Scholars Program
  • Calendar
    Independent Study Committee
    2nd Friday in October Tutors report to the Chair of the Independent Study Committee on the Senior Scholar's interim progress and give Scholar's permanent college address.
    1st Friday in December Scholars will submit to the tutor for approval a short mid-year report (about two pages) on the project's progress and an outline of remaining work to be done.
    1st Friday of January term Scholars submit to the Chair of ISC short written reports of their progress to date with an outline of work remaining to be done. These reports will be circulated to Tutor and Readers, who must give written approval for the student to continue the project.
    2nd Friday in March Tutors report to the Chair on the progress of their Scholars. Tutors, in conjunction with the Scholars, set up times and places for public presentations.
    April Prepare and deliver public presentation. Arrange publicity and notify the Chair of your plans.
    3rd Friday in April Final drafts submitted to Tutor and Readers. (If the title has been changed, the Registrar must be notified as soon as possible)
    1st Tuesday in May Senior Scholars Dinner.
    One week before the last day of classes Final typescript submitted to Tutor and Readers.
    Last day of classes Scholars submit original typescript, free of typographical errors, to the Chair. If the project is scholarly, an abstract must be included. The approvals page, with signatures, must be included.
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