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Past and Present Senior Scholars

2012-2013 Scholars
Name Project Title Tutors Readers
Eli Dupree Lasercake: A Computer Game to Teach Environmental Science Mark Tappan Philip Nyhus
Stephanie Taylor


2011-2012 Scholars
Name Project Title Tutors Readers
Bogumil Giertler Augmenting Your Daily Reality, A Study in Accessible AR Bruce Maxwell Brian Eastwood
Dale Skrien
Nicole Hewes More Than Just Verse?: The Language of Dr. Seuss and Children's Literacy Mark Tappan Tarja Raag
Laurie Osborne


2010-2011 Scholars
Name Project Title Tutors Readers
Dustin A. Hickey Interstellar Dust and its Effect on Modeling High Mass Protostars Murray Campbell Robert Bluhm
Jonathan McCoy
Sonia R. Mahabir Hail Diversity, Hail: Student Attitudes toward Multiculturalism at Colby College Mark Tappan Joseph Atkins
Adam Howard


2009-2010 Scholars
Name Project Title Tutors Readers
John C. Moriarty The Cluster Environment of High Mass Protostars Murray Campbell Robert Bluhm
Charles Conover
Laure-Helene Caseau From Golden Rectangles to the Edge of Chaos Bevin Engman Veronique Plesch
Sharon Corwin


2008-2009 Scholars
Name Project Title Tutors Readers
Katherine (Kaylea) Nelson High Mass Star Formation and Modeling High Mass Prostellar Object IRAS 18151-1208
Murray Campbell
Robert Bluhm
Jan Holly


2007-2008 Scholars
Name Project Title Tutors Readers
Justine Ludwig From the Kunstkammer to the Art Museum
Veronique Plesch and Sharon Corwin
Michael Marlais
William Edelglass
Christopher Giangreco Reading Comics as Commerce: The Graphic Novel, Consumer Culture and Postmodern Theory   Debra Spark   Michael Marlais  
David Suchoff  


2006-2007 Scholars
Name Project Title Tutors Readers
Catherine Downing Interlocking Oppressions of Sisterhood: Unmasking the 'Black Woman' in Nineteenth Century Blackface Minstrelsy   Cedric Bryant
Jill Gordon
Michael Marlais
Tom Reznick Science, Technology and the Garden of Maine: Industrial Farming in Aroostook County   Paul Josephson   David Firmage  
Piers Hale  
Jim Singelais Curves, Women, Community   Terry Arendell   Jeff Anderson  
Tom Morrione  


2005-2006 Scholars
Name Project Title Tutors Readers
Lijah Barasz "The Stories We Tell Ourselves in Film: Social Trends in Contemporary American Film from the Screenwriter's Perspective" Margaret McFadden
Jennifer Boylan
Alec Campbell
Phyllis Manocchi
Emilia Tjernström "Future Shock - Time Preferences as a Determinant of Savings and Environmental Attitudes" Tom Tietenberg Kashif Mansori


2004-2005 Scholars
Name Project Title Tutor Readers
Mark Chapman "Rebuilding the Bridge: The (Re)Integration of Chinese Muslims into the Islamic World"

Nikky-Guninder K.Singh Walter Hatch
Guilain Denoeux
Stephen Whelpley "The Econometric Value of Silence and Noise as Seen by a Non-Practicing Marxist" (i.e. A Collection of Poetry and Fiction)

Jennifer Boylan
Peter Harris
Debra Spark
Jill Gordon


2003-2004 Scholars
Name Project Title Tutor Readers
David Cohen "Improving Econometric Estimation through the use of Neural Networks"

Michael Donihue Jan Holly
David Findlay
Kathryn Hulick "Thoughts made Visible"

Bevin Engman
Veronique Plesch
Harry Walker
Michael Marlais
Julie Land "Gay Liberation Movements and the Deployment of Postmodernism in the United States"

Margaret McFadden Katherine Stubbs
Alec Campbell
Nina Martin "Pesty Business: Nuisance Mosquito Control on the North Shore of Massachusetts" Jim Webb Jim Fleming
Sharon Treat
Chyann Oliver "Ghetto Feminism: Neo Black Feminism for the Black Hip-Hop Generation" Cedric Bryant Pam Thoma
Margaret McFadden
Rachel Tobie "World & Image in the Contemporary Artist's Book" Veronique Plesch Dan Rosenfeld
Peter Harris


2002-2003 Scholars
Name Project Title Tutor Readers
Amanda Ashman "Conceptualizing 'Third Wave' Feminism Identity within Contemporary Feminist Movement"

Pam Thoma Mary Beth Mills
Margaret McFadden
Albert Goodman "Experimental Economics Methodologies and Applications: Price Competition Among Gasoline Stations"

Michael Donihue Kashif Mansori
Randy Nelson
Jessica Martin "Poe's Politan: A Critical Analysis" John Sweney Robert McArthur
Susan Kenney


2001-2002 Scholars
Name Project Title Tutor Readers Reading Date
Eric S. Fleischman "A Cognitive Model of New Data on Human Problem Solving"

Randolph M. Jones Clare Congdon
Nicholas Rohrman
April 24, 4:00pm in Mudd 405
John Montelle Hobson "What is Your Substance, Whereof are You Made?" Elizabeth Sagaser Cedric Bryant
Laurie Osborne
May 4, 7:00pm in Given
Amy L. Reznitsky "Reconfiguring Sex: The Paradoxical Relationship Between Intersexed and Transgendered Identities" Margaret McFadden Heidi Kim
Maritza Straughn-Williams
April 30, 4:00pm, Lovejoy 203
Kristina Tabor "The Politics of Restoration Authorship: The Collaboration of Dryden and Purcell on King Arthur, or the British Worthy" Elizabeth Sagaser
Eva Linfield
Laurie Osborne
John Sweney
April 28, 7:00pm, Robins Room


2000-2001 Scholars
Name Project Title Tutor Readers
Raymond Mazza "An Interactive Three-Dimensional World"

Randy Jones Clare Congdon
Dale Skrein
Binah Palmer "Modernity, Tradition, and American Identity in Advertisements, 1918-1929"

Margaret McFadden Alec Campbell
Robert Weisbrot
Michelle-Nicholle Rahmings "The Colored Museum, Ethnic Theater: A Representation of African-American Culture, Reality or Stereotypes "

Joylynn Wing Ruth Brancaccio
Cheryl Gilkes
Geraldine Roseboro
Erin Rogers "Fata Morgana" Tina Wentzel
Elizabeth Sagaser
Peter Harris
James Thurston
Hannah Smith "Drawing from Words" Bevin Engman Veronique Plesch
Susan Kenney


1999-2000 Scholars
Name Project Title Tutor Readers
Elizabeth Tippet Esperanza - a First Book of Poems Wes McNair, English Peter Harris, English
Elizabeth Sagaser, English
Adam Schwartz Ground-truthing Thermal Infrared Multi-spectral Images Don Allen, Geology Tom Shattuck, Chemistry
Murray Campbell, Physics
Taylor Tribble Correlation of lithology with emissivity using TIMS images Don Allen, Geology Murray Campbell, Physics
Tom Shattuck, Chemistry
Lindsay Stewart Celtic Traditions Dee Peppe, Art
Steven Nuss, Music
Michael Marlais, Art
Jared Lazzaro Designing a Remote Navigation System Allen Downey, Computer Science Randy Jones, Computer Science
Lenny Reich, STS
Christopher Ireland Small Robots and Machine Learning Clare Congdon, Computer Science Randy Jones, Computer Science
Dale Skrien, Computer Science
Peter Aykroyd Growing Artificial Societies Clare Congdon, Computer Science Randy Jones, Computer Science
Dale Skrien, Computer Science
Kempton Mooney Conceptual Art in America Michael Marlais, Art David Simon, Art
David Suchoff, English


1998-1999 Scholars
Name Major Project Title Tutor Readers
Rosecrans B. Baldwin English, Creative Writing Concentration A Book of Poetry Peter Harris (1st Sem.),
Ira Sadoff (2nd Sem.)
Elizabeth Sagaser
Peter Harris (2nd Sem.)
John Bishop English, Creative Writing Concentration Jade Tigers Monica Wood Susan Kenney
Pam Thoma
Lindsay M. Hayes English, Creative Writing Concentration "We're the Dumb Kids": Portraits of Remedial Junior High School Language Arts Classrooms Mark Tappan Lyn Brown
Phyllis Mannocchi
Peter A. King Music The Choral Music of Charles Ives Paul Machlin Eva Linfield
Raffael Scheck
Catherine Anne Tynan English, Creative Writing Concentration A Novel Susan Kenney Elisa Narin van Court
Debra Spark
Jamie Nash Yourdon English "Greater New York" Debra Spark Laurie Osborne
Susan Kenney

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