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An expansion of the responsibilities of the scholar, tutor, reader and committee for each deadline on the calendar is outlined below:


2nd Friday in October: The Tutor's fall mid-semester report will be submitted to the Independent Study Committee. The report evaluates the scholar in following areas: regular meetings with tutor, progress to date, recommendation regarding continuing in the program, and recommended changes. Consultation with the tutor regarding appropriate format is desirable early in the first semester. The manuscript will comply with the usual rules for good typography. The final typescript of the project must adhere in style and format to the requirements of the academic discipline. The tutor is familiar with the style guidelines.

1st Friday in December: The scholar is responsible to submit a 2 page mid-year report to the tutor outlining the project progress and remaining work. The tutor may suggest revisions to the report.

1st Friday of January term: Two copies of the mid-year report signed by the tutor will be submitted to the Independent Study Committee. The chair will circulate this report to the readers. The tutor and readers will assess the project and submit a written report to the chair. The scholar's continuation in the second semester of the program is contingent on the recommendation of the tutor and readers. If termination of the project is recommended the student will receive credit for first semesterÍs work and the project will end at this point.

2nd Friday in March: Tutors will submit theTutor's Spring mid-semester report to the chair. This report is substantially the same as the fall mid-semester report with one inclusion. The information regarding the campus presentation of the scholar's project is required. This can take the form of an exhibition, a concert, a short oral presentation, or whatever is appropriate. If in doubt, consult the chair. The scholar is responsible for taking care of the publicity and logistics for this event. The presentation should be done in April. The scholar will present all plans to the tutor and the chair in writing. In addition to the public presentation the scholar is expected to make a brief (five minutes or less) account of the project in non-technical language at the dinner honoring senior scholars (in April or May).

3rd Friday in April: The scholar will submit the final draft of her/his manuscript to the tutor and first reader. The tutor will advise the chair if the scholar will complete the project. The tutor and first reader may request the scholar to further revise the project. All drafts, revisions, and typing will be complete BY ONE WEEK BEFORE THE LAST DAY OF CLASS, FINAL DEADLINE. The scholar is responsible for the manuscript preparation arrangements. The manuscript will be laser printed on acid-free paper (printing on normal printer paper and then copying onto acid-free paper is acceptable). Photographs and other kinds of materials will be labeled, numbered, and placed in a separate envelope. Space for their inclusion will be left in the typescript. The Special Collections librarian may be consulted on presentation of this material. No materials will be pasted into the report.

One week fore the last day of classes: The scholar will submit the final typescript and an abstract of 1 or 2 pages in person to the tutor. In addition, the scholar will submit a copy to the first and second readers. Submission of the final typescript and two copies concludes the project. The three readers evaluate the final typescript as submitted. The tutor and the two readers have no obligation to edit or propose changes in the final typescript. The tutor and readers will confer during the reading period. A majority vote determines the minimal grade for successful completion of the Senior Scholars Program. The tutor assigns and submits the grade to the Registrar. The minimal grade for graduating as a senior scholar is a B plus. A grade between D minus and B, will receive academic credit for SR491/492, but will not graduate as a senior scholar. An assigned grade of F abolishes all academic credit for participation in the program. The second semester grade becomes the grade for all 12 credit hours. The tutor will return the typescript to the scholar who is responsible to present it to the chair by THE LAST DAY OF CLASSES. The final typescript will be placed in Miller Library after it is signed by the tutor, readers, and committee chair. The department may keep a copy and the third copy is returned to the scholar.

NOTE: During the year the project may move in a direction different from the stated intention in the application. The Registrar must be informed, in person or in writing, if there is a change in the title of the final report ONE WEEK BEFORE THE LAST DAY OF CLASS . Senior Scholar Program project titles will be printed in the Commencement Programs and subsequently in the Colby Catalogue.

LAST DAY OF CLASSES: The senior scholar will personally submit the final typescript with tutor's and reader's signatures and the abstract to the committee chair. The final typescript may be presented in a box or in a loose folder. The Library will have it bound. The chair will certify to the Registrar the student's successful completion of the Senior Scholars Program.

Models for the title page and the signature page of your final typescript are available here.

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