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Introduction to Design


Catalogue Description: TD 135-Introduction to Design is an introduction to the principles of visual design and their role in the dramatic event. Particular emphasis is placed on bringing the imagined world of the playwright and choreographer to life through the use of space, light, and clothing. Historical and contemporary texts are explored through lectures, critical research, discussions, and projects. Students learn to use their unique creative potential to research and define a design concept, express this concept orally and in writing, and present the concept visually using sketching, rendering, computer visualization, and scenic modeling. No prior experience is required. 4 credit hours.

For a marvelous expression of the potential in scenography, or design for the stage, read the Are you a scenographer? statement posted on the Norwegian Theatre Academy 'Akademi for scenekunst' web site.

Meeting Times: Tuesday & Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

Classes per Semester: 25.

Classroom: Runnals Building, Room 203. Note: Runnals is located on the south end of campus between the Dana and Foss residence halls.

All-College Distribution Requirement: TD 135-Introduction to Design satisfies the Colby College Art Requirement.

To see student work from past semesters check out the Gallery.