Performance, Theater, and Dance


The lights come up. The house is packed. You’ve spent months preparing for this moment. The adrenaline rushes and the show starts. Whether you’re a performer, playwright, director, choreographer, designer or someone who prefers to work behind the curtain, programs in the Performance, Theater, and Dance Department will prepare you for future involvement in the performing arts.

Students in the department gain an understanding of the historical and theoretical study of theater and dance as well as experience and training in acting, directing, movement, design, and technical production. Professors foster creative expression, stimulate critical and imaginative thinking, and increase cultural literacy through studio, laboratory, and discussion-based courses. Performances for the Colby and Waterville communities help students fine-tune their skills and prepare for real-world application of the craft.

The Performance, Theater, and Dance Department offers a combined major in theater and dance, which allows students to choose area(s) of concentration. The department also offers a major in interdisciplinary computation focusing on the relationship between information technologies and stage design.