Guest Artists for 2020-21

Takiyah Nur Amin – Department Curriculum Consultant
Rebecca Barnstaple – Dance Lecturer
Kate Beaver – Maine Music & Health
Kathleen Brown – Costume Design, Fall Show
Dan Burson – Playwriting & Dramaturg Lecturer
Cassils – Visual Artist, Activism Lecturer
Erin Charpentier, member of Weird Allan Kaprow – Activism Lecturer
Ping Chong Company – Performance Art Workshop
rafa esparza – Activism Lecturer
Kevin R. Free – Director, Guest Lecturer
Kirsten Greenidge – Playwriting
Theresa Incampo – Activism Lecturer
May Joseph – Cultural and Environmental Lecturer
Sarah Oppenheim – Dance Lecturer
The Black School – Art and Activism Lecturers
Christina Soriano – Dance Lecturer
Tetonic Theater – Devised Theater Workshop

Previous Guest Artists

Click here to see a partial list of previous guest artists.