COLBY fringe 2021: APRIL 30-May 13


Since the inaugural Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1947, Fringe Festivals have proliferated in cities across the world. Initially designed to showcase experimental theatrical works, Fringe Festivals have expanded to include performances of every shape and size, in venues from large, traditional theaters, to apartments; from museums to bowling alleys; from rooftops to parks. Fringe Festivals worldwide have expanded well beyond theater and now include, all kinds of events—music, comedy, dance, art installations, lectures, workshops, and more. Performances are typically in shared venues with simple technical resources, thus emphasizing the content of the work being presented. We hope that during this Fringe Festival, members of the Colby Community will find ways to participate by seeing performances and lectures, playing Fringe Frisbee or Cornhole, making pop-up artworks, and imagining what else could be included in a Colby fringe. Happy Fringe!

It’s edgy. Experimental. Collaborative. Innovative. And experiential.