In an effort to comply with national standards and adequately train Colby College students with “Right to Know” information, the Department of Performance, Theater & Dance keeps Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) or Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on materials used in the production process.

Located in the Scene Shop and Costume Shop are binders containing information on how to read MSDS/SDS sheets and individual MSDS/SDS sheets for products used in Department of Performance, Theater & Dance productions. You are encouraged to consult these binders when using paint and other materials stocked in the Scene Shop or Costume Shop. There is also an MSDS/SDS poster in the Scene Shop explaining how to read and understand these sheets.

In addition to these binders, Theater & Dance has a location on Colby’s MSDSonlineĀ® page.

Should you need more information on MSDS/SDS please contact any of the following people:

Wade Behnke Colby College Director of Safety x5504
Jim Thurston Theater & Dance Design Faculty x4525
John Ervin Theater & Dance Technical Director x4522
Christine Nilles Theater & Dance Costume Shop Manager x4528


Links to sites about MSDS/SDS:

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)
Vermont SIRI (Safety Information Resources, Inc.)
Where to find MSDS on the Internet