WH12_0004At Colby, you’ll find the four seasons at their finest. The fall brings crimson and gold leaves, apple picking, and crisp autumn mornings. Winter blankets the campus in powdery snow and surfaces Johnson Pond with a layer of ice that’s perfect for broomball or skating. Signs of spring include apple blossoms and tulips, rain showers, and migrating birds. Lush green lawns, the smell of freshly cut grass, warm breezes, and quick dips in spring-fed lakes characterize summertime.


BD09_00860Average temperatures range from 80 degrees in July to 20 degrees in January, and residents experience frequent sunshine: 80 to 120 clear, sunny days annually. November is typically the wettest month, but precipitation falls during every month of the year. Over the course of winter, snowfall totals average 90 inches in the region. We rarely see hurricanes or tornados, but we do get occasional thunderstorms.