Two weeks ago, teens from Waterville’s South End Teen Center arrived on campus for an afternoon of flag football and fun at Colby.  The event was organized by the CVC’s South End Teen Center volunteers and the GQ club (gentlemen of quality).  12 teens and 15 Colby students spent the afternoon playing on the Colby Green and then marched over to Dana for a well-deserved victory dinner.  Between plays and spoonfuls of ice cream, Waterville kids and Colby students laughed and joked together.  The event was a great way to promote positive relationships amongst Waterville teens and Colby students.

Many of the teens at the center are talking about their next trip to Colby, and the volunteers who participated are also looking forward to another opportunity to spend time with the kids. The CVC volunteers are excited to plan their next big event for the South End Teen Center bringing Colby and Waterville kids closer together.
– Amanda Carbonneau ’14, South End Teen Center Program Leader