We would just like to do a quick shout out to those groups and people who have made September such a success month in the Colby Volunteer Center:

  • Program Leaders for getting their programs up and running and for starting new initiatives with their programs. This year, we have 4 new programs: Educare, Common Street Arts, MulePrep, and Good Deed of the Week, so a big thank you to the leaders who are getting that going.
  • Volunteers, both those in programs, and those who have responded to random volunteer opportunities such as tutoring in physics, coaching youth soccer, chopping wood, and helping at the spay and neuter clinic at the Humane Society!
  • Women’s Rugby for the stellar fundraiser (Raffle and Pledge-for-Points) that they held last week raising $1933. Way to go!
  • Evening Sandwich Program for starting a food drive and collecting money for their program now that government funding has decreased. Maili, the site coordinator, is going to be thrilled!
  • Men’s Lacrosse for helping the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter move to its new location. The new shelter opened yesterday and it looks absolutely fantastic. Thanks for your support!
  • Overall CVC Community for coming together to fill the needs of our community!

You guys are doing a stellar job this year at making things happen!