Best Buddies was full of events this October:

1. We had our monthly dinner in the Fairchild Room of Dana. Everybody enjoyed delicious pizza, pasta, burgers, french fries, and of course dessert.

2. We learned a lot about reptiles from Quarry Road expert John. He passed around the alligator head as he talked about his passion for reptiles. There was a great turnout of over 20 people in Lovejoy. Thank you to everyone who came to John’s reptile talk.

3. After piling the pumpkins into one car, we all headed down to Quarry Road to carve pumpkins with our Best Buddies. We carried our pumpkins to the facility’s common room and set them down and started carving. There were scary, funny, and delicately designed pumpkins. Everybody had a lot of fun!


That’s it for October!