The CVC asked volunteers to reflect on their experiences being Maine Aspirations tour guides.  Please take the time to read what Meagan and Carli shared with us below:

Meagan Hennessey, 2014
As a Maine Aspirations tour guide this semester I have had the pleasure of giving Maine high school students a glimpse into not only life at Colby, but life at college in general. We all know an admissions tour, while a great resource, can be given so many times as to become rehearsed and aimed at selling the school. My goals in a Maine Aspirations tour are making connections on a student to student level, giving honest answers and encouraging the students to pursue their education beyond their high school years, regardless of where that may be.
While my all time favorite tour was leading 2nd graders around this “totally awesome” campus of ours, this semester I was most affected by leading Waterville High School students. Obviously, many of these students are familiar with Colby on the surface and may even be connected through programs such as CCAK. However, few of them had ever walked through Diamond, seen the lab equipment in Olin or observed Miller first floor on a Tuesday afternoon. Seeing my single several questioned “This is it?” or “You actually live alone?” I’m not sure what they were expecting, but it wasn’t what they saw. When the inevitable question of price tag arose, many were surprised to hear many of us, meaning Colby students, do not pay and could not pay $57k a year. Beyond that, some students were surprised that as a whole, your final tuition statement doesn’t affect your relationships here on the Hill.
The Waterville tour was not unusual in any sense, except that most of these students would see our spiral every day, if not our campus. Many of the students finish tours with a very different perception of Colby, and likely of schools similar to us, than when they arrived. It is my sincere hope that they leave with a higher confidence in their ability to integrate into a college atmosphere, and that many of them will indeed do just that.

Carli Jaff, 2016
Being an Aspirations tour guide was a great way to start off my freshman year. I loved meeting new people and learning more about the College while sharing my knowledge and extreme love for Colby to Maine students. While I didn’t lead many tours, I learned a lot about the College and myself as a tour guide. I aspire to be an official tour guide for the College, and I believe that Aspirations was a great learning experience for me as well as a way for me to learn more about Colby. I look forward to working for Aspirations next semester!