Working at Maine General is an inspiring and fulfilling way to get into the medical field.  Not only get experience from a doctor’s perspective, but really every aspect of a hospital setting.  Students have opportunities in the emergency department, day surgery, pharmacy, endoscopy, and many other departments.  In my own work in the emergency department, I am amazed at how much of a team effort a hospital environment is, and how smoothly Maine General’s team works as one unit.  From the doctors and nurses, to the pharmacists and technicians, to the custodial staff, every member plays an integral role in the patient-care system.  It is also wonderful to be able to interact with the many different patients and to really feel like you are helping within our Waterville community.  In my own personal experience, I have been most inspired by the passion of the people around me.  Talking to one of the ER physicians one day, he said he felt extremely lucky to be able to do something he loves so much as a career, saying, “You basically get paid to listen to people’s stories and learn about their amazing lives. It’s a wonderful thing.”

Unfortunately in the coming months, some of Maine General’s most important departments will be moving down to its second campus in Augusta.  While Waterville’s location will be receiving a beautiful new renovation we hope that Colby students will continue in their involvement with Maine General’s Waterville campus and bridge the gap between our college boundaries and the wonderful ton beyond.