The Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter is off to another great start this semester! Columbus Day marked the one-year anniversary of the new Colby Street shelter, and this year, we have been fortunate enough to work in this facility for the entirety of the semester. Along with this great space, we have a fantastic bunch of volunteers. One significant change is the addition of weekly childcare shifts. This allows parents more flexibility in finding and securing work – plus, volunteers are able to hang out with some of the most vibrant and lovely kids you’ll ever meet! The shelter coordinator and staff have commented on the flexibility and genuine kindness exuded by volunteers, and we are thrilled to report 306 volunteer hours in October. As cooking classes, craft projects, and music events start to materialize, we only expect that number to climb – access to the new CCAK cars probably won’t hurt either! Wholeheartedly, we are so grateful to our volunteers and to be part of such an amazing organization.