*These positions are available to Colby students only:

1. CVC Assistant Director Position Description

General description:

The Assistant Director will work along the Director, Associate Directors and Assistant Directors to uphold and carry out the Colby Volunteer Center’s mission.  This person will be directly working with the Colby Volunteer Center, Colby Student Community, Greater Waterville Community, and the Goldfarb Center, and as such will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.

Specific Responsibilities of Colby Volunteer Center Assistant Directors Include:

Coordinate One Time Events:

  • Will be in charge of running 1-2 one time events per semester
  • Will be the key liaison for the event, but will receive assistance from all other CVC Directors
  • Some responsibilities of one time events include, booking facilities, funding, catering, publicity, volunteer recruitment, and communication with community figures

Responsibilities of Colby Volunteer Center Assistant Directors May also Include:

Publicity and Outreach:

  • Will be responsible for looking for new groups on campus to use as resources for volunteering, one time events, etc.
  • Will be responsible for looking for new community projects, community groups, and supporters
  • Will be responsible for keeping up with CVC social media, including, twitter, facebook, and bloging via wordpress

Leadership Development:

  • Will be responsible for trying to reach out to the needs of the Program Leaders
  • Will plan Program Leader meetings their needs
  • Will look for ways to implement Program Leader’s roles as leaders on campus, and help them realize their full potential as leaders

Time Commitment:

Although all of the CVC directors are involved in campus groups and organizations outside of the CVC, this job is our first and foremost commitment.  By applying for the job, you are acknowledging that you are willing to put your work for the Colby Volunteer Center before your other extracurriculars.

To submit an application, see the form on our homepage!