This is the perfect occasion to give back to the greater Waterville community while working with your fellow students. This year, we have over 20 local sites ranging from the Homeless Shelter to the Hart-to-Hart farm that offer different volunteer opportunities.

***Sign up online:


10am – Meet in the Foss Dining Hall

  • Please wear this year’s CVC t-shirt if you have one
  • *** We will have your lunches and T-Shirts for those who don’t have one already

10:30am – Leave for your site

3:00pm – Return to Colby

On March 7 at 5:30, the Best Buddies flocked into Dana for a great meal!  After swiping, they were all ready to adventure through the dining hall to find the best possible dinner.  The pizza was gone almost instantly!  Others grabbed penne pasta, roast beef, salad, and other delicious foods.  When everybody had their meals, we sat down in the Fairchild Room as a big group.  We decided to spruce the dinner up a little bit by playing BINGO!


Everybody got a board  and started playing.  We had a few lucky winners who got to take home some new sunglasses, stylish beads, and more.  Everybody who did not win got peanut butter girl scout cookies.  So really everybody won!  We all had so much fun and cannot wait until our next event: BOWLING!

Best Buddies started off second semester in Dana for a great dinner! Fifteen students met up with their respective buddies and ate some delicious pizza, burgers, ravioli, fries, and, of course, ice cream in Dana’s Fairchild Room. We reintroduced ourselves with our name and our favorite cereal or breakfast food. Cinnamon Toast Crunch got the most votes! We all had such an amazing time and cannot wait for our next dinner on Wednesday March 7 at 5:30.


The CVC is up and running and we can’t wait for you to get out into the community this Spring! If you want to learn more about different volunteer opportunities please join us in Miller 014 at 9pm this Wednesday February 8th.


Any questions please contact us at


Hope to see you soon!

Welcome back to campus,

The CVC will not be holding office hours throughout the month of January. If you need taxi vouchers please email us at

Happy New Year!



We are pleased to announce that the Colby Campaign for the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter has raised nearly $16,000 for the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter’s “Rebuilding Lives Campaign” over the past five weeks. The student-led Center partnered with a number of on and off campus organizations to reach the goal, including local businesses Black Dog Graphics in Clinton and Are You Ready to Party?? in Waterville. The two businesses sponsored t-shirts sold on campus as part of the fundraiser. In addition, Colby College gave a generous donation of $5,000 to support the Shelter through the student campaign.

Around 400 individuals donated to the campaign and approximately 90 percent of donations them were $25 or less. This clearly illustrates how important small donations were to the success of the campaign and that the collective action of many can make a significant impact.

Another key element of the campaign, as we have posted about throughout the month, was to educate Colby students about issues of homelessness. Betty Palmer, Director of the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter, Tony Veit, Youth Outreach Program Coordinator, and Bodhi Simpson, Director of the Teen Parent Program and Clinician at the Alternative High School, spoke at panel discussion at Colby College on youth homelessness. The event was open to the public and the podcast can be accessed here:

The Colby Volunteer Center (CVC) would like to thank everyone who contributed to this campaign. For those who supported t-shirt sales, recorded stories, worked at the coat rack, donated online, came to our educational events, talked about the campaign with others and more, the CVC cannot thank you enough for your commitment to the campaign.

If you would like to volunteer at the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter, please contact the CVC at

I couch surfed for a couple years before I officially became an unaccompanied throwaway teen—that is, a homeless youth. It took awhile for my high school to pick up on what was going on, which is understandable: I was an AP student who got As in classes, the yearbook editor-in-chief, and a member of class council.

My yearbook advisor intervened and brought me to the school social worker, who initially tried to place me in the local homeless shelter. As a 17 year old female, I refused. The shelter was old and located downtown, surrounded by bars and drunkards. Instead, he pulled strings to get me into a program for homeless young adults. The program set you up in an apartment and gave you a weekly gift card to Hannaford’s for groceries. They let me participate—despite being too young for the program—because it was clear that I was going somewhere.

The program, after I left for Colby, was shut down because their federal funding was discontinued.

As a young woman with no resources and few advocates, some of my experiences from that year were utterly and overwhelming terrifying. At one point, I was threatened with expulsion because I couldn’t prove my residency. Fortunately, the school social worker broke the law and entered a fake address for me in the system. By this point, I was already accepted to Colby on a full scholarship.

I’m a student here now because of a few caring adults and a teacher who helped me pay for standardized testing and college applications. He made sure I applied to Colby College despite the price tag. Without  the intervention of all the adults in this brief story, I would not be where I am now even in spite of my academic and personal talents. The homelessness I experienced is just one type of many, and I hope my experience was enough to shed some light on that.

Thank you.


The Colby Volunteer center, in conjunction with the Goldfarb Center and the Pugh Community Board, hosted their first panel in CVC history – “Realities of Youth Homelessness in Maine.” The three panelists were Bodhi Simpson, clinician at the Teen Parent Program and at the Alternative High School in Waterville; Tony Veit, Youth Outreach Program Coordinator; and Betty Palmer, Director of the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter.

 The evening began with a thought-provoking dinner in Diamond. The attendees included the panelists, other community members, select faculty, and students. One student shared her personal experience with homelessness, while many of the other guests discussed the issue in an intimate setting over dinner.


Afterwards, the event began! Dana Roberts moderated the panel, using questions that the Colby community submitted. Each panelist defined their role in the community to launch the conversation. The group covered topics such as “couch-surfing,” the stigma attached to the term “homeless,” and anecdotes from their experiences. Lastly, the panelists urged the Colby community to get involved – to volunteer at MidMaine, to donate to the campaign, or to contact the CVC for more opportunities.


This event exposed how great the need in this community is for a new shelter and for the construction of a youth shelter. Runaway or homeless youth occupy one of the most vulnerable populations in the United States, and they deserve our support.

If you have any questions or want to get more involved please email the us at or if you would like to donate visit our online donation site.

As we head into the third week of Homelessness Awareness Month, we are excited to report that we have already raised over $6000 toward our goal of $10,000 for the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter’s new facility. We are continuing to sell T-shirts in Pulver on Wednesday and Friday this week in Pulver from 11-1, so don’t forget to get one or stop by to donate to the campaign if you haven’t already. Also, WEAR YOUR CAMPAIGN T-SHIRT THIS FRIDAY to show support for the cause!

Please mark your calendars because we are bringing in a panel of experts on Thursday, November 17 from 7 to 8 pm in Ostrove Auditorium (Diamond Building) who will discuss the topic “Realities of Youth Homelessness in Maine.” The experts include Tony Veit, Youth Outreach Officer in Maine; Bodhi Simpson, Teen Parent Program Director/Counselor; and Kerry Falvey, the Halcyon House Manager. They will discuss this pressing social issue as part of our Homelessness Awareness Campaign. This event promises to be an eye-opening experience and will be a good opportunity to learn more about the issue of homelessness and how children in the Waterville area are impacted.

After the presentation, there will be a dessert reception where you will have the chance to see the “HOME” display again and buy a campaign t-shirt. Please bring cash to buy a t-shirt.

More exciting news? See below links for Echo spread about Youth Homelessness as well as the article in the Morning Sentinel about our campaign as told by our very own Dana Roberts, Director of the CVC.

Colby Echo Article:

Morning Sentinel Article:

Also, be sure to visit  see the insideColby photos (#18-20) of the Colby Art Reception:

Finally, another way of giving to the campaign is through online donations. To support the cause, please donate at

Homelessness Awareness Month is well underway! We have spent the past two weeks fundraising for the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter in an effort to reach our goal of $10,000, which will be contributed directly to the campaign to build a new shelter. Through the generosity of the Colby community, we have raised $6000, more than half of our goal!

We have some important events coming up that you do not want to miss out on:

On Thursday, November 17 at 7-8 pm in Diamond 122, Colby will welcome a panel of experts who will discuss the topic of Youth Homelessness in Maine. Join the CVC and the Goldfarb Center for an evening of eye-opening discussion about the social realities affecting our state’s youth.

On Friday, we ask everyone to wear their shirts to show their support for the campaign.  So if you have not already, be sure to purchase a t-shirt in Pulver for $10 with all proceeds going directly to the shelter.

Thank you so much for your support so far as we continue to raise money for and awareness about the pressing social issue of homelessness. If you feel compelled please donate to the campaign online at