Want to be a part of countering dorm vandalism at Colby? On Saturday, November 5th from 9-12pm the CVC will be holding a Fall Johnson Day! This is an amazing opportunity to help clean up our Colby community and help out PPD. We will spend the morning doing activities around the Colby campus such as raking leaves, painting, and planting bulbs. This will be a great way to show how much we appreciate everything that PPD does for us, and how much we value Colby as our home. We will finish the day by eating lunch together at Dana and reflecting about the experience while enjoying food from Holy Cannoli! Email us at [email protected] if you think you might be interested in participating in this fun event!


Happy Halloween! On Saturday, October 29th the Hardy Girls will be holding their 8th Annual Freaky 5k run/walk! This event is about celebrating Halloween for its fun and creative costumes, instead of sexualized and inappropriate costumes. The event will take place at Colby College. Please visit to learn more about this fun event, and to sign up to participate!

Happy *almost* October from the Colby Volunteer Center!  Here at the CVC we are getting into the Halloween Spirit with the planning of our 18th Annual Halloween Extravaganza.  This Colby tradition provides children from the Waterville area a safe space to participate in Halloween activities, free of charge!  This year the event will be held on Saturday, October 1st from 1pm-3pm.  Come join us for face painting, cookie decorating, costume contests, and more!



It’s that time of year again… the snow is all gone, midterms are just far enough away for you to relax, Jerry is active again AND COLBY CARES DAY IS ON THE HORIZON!!! This year, the CVC has partnered with SGA to bring you the biggest and baddest day of volunteering your giving hearts could ask for. We have over 20 sites signed up, if there is something you’ve wanted to volunteer your time doing it’s at one of these sites. If you’re looking for that bonding experience with your senior friends before they depart or just can’t get enough of your roommates, here’s a great chance to get to know them better while affirming Colby’s place as part of the Waterville community. Colby Cares Day is on April 30th, from 9am-Noon, with a reception downtown full of tasty free food. Did I mention you get a t-shirt for your hard work??? Well, you do and they’re dope!! Sign up with your friends here.


Colby Cares Day

Saturday, April 30th

9am-Noon, followed by free food in Downtown Waterville

Have your group/team/COOT/Dorm sign up here.

If you have any questions, email the [email protected]


Hello Colby,

For the month of March, the Colby Volunteer Center will be running a penny race to support the Hope Fund. To make this fundraising a success, we’ve decided to make it into a friendly competition between the Administration and Faculty, the Humanities, Natural Sciences, Interdisciplinary Studies and Social Sciences. Below is a brief description of the challenge:

The Pennies for Change Challenge will raise money for the Hope Fund, which is overseen by the Poverty Action Coalition. The Poverty Action Coalition is a group of individuals and organizations who came together to address the barriers people face as they try to move out of poverty. The Hope Fund is intended to help Waterville residents overcome barriers to financial stability. Examples of this include helping with car repairs so people can maintain their jobs, building wheelchair ramps, or providing professional clothing for a job interview. With your help (and pennies!) we can help people who are working hard to move out of poverty further along their path.

The challenge will run March 2 – March 31, and updates will be posted once a week on the General Announcements, keeping track of who is in the lead and who is in last. To make this effort a success we would love for you to rally your department to win the race. Winner takes bragging rights and a warm fuzzy feeling of helping out the Waterville community!

We’d like to normalize the money collected by each team, so if you could respond with the number of people in your department (Professors + Majors) that’d be great. We’ll be placing the collection bins around campus, change will add to your score while dollar bills will subtract from other teams scores. Feel free to drop a twenty in another team’s bin! Thanks for reading and making this event a success!


The CVC staff


In November, the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter (MMHS) reached out to the Colby College Volunteer Center with an urgent need: the shelter lacked the funding to provide warm refuge to homeless individuals in our community. After the closure of the warming center in Waterville three years ago, the MMHS took it upon itself to ensure that no homeless individual in our community would be forced to spend the cold winter days outdoors. However, a lack of funding for staff hours left the MMHS uncertain about it’s ability to continue to provide this fundamental refuge to the Waterville community. The Colby Volunteer Center firmly believes that you should judge a community not by the status of the privileged but rather by the situation of those with the least. With this ideal, the Winter Shelter Campaign was born. As we embarked on this effort, we were supported by the entire Colby community, on and off Mayflower Hill.The response to this critical need from our community was incredible, and we want to thank everyone who gave their money or time to help. We were amazed by the generosity and support from the Colby community, specifically the Student Government Association, the President’s Office, Goldfarb Center and the Alumni Office, who immediately recognized the importance of this effort and donated their time and resources to help us address this issue. Numerous students,faculty, alumni, and Colby family members also contributed to this campaign, demonstrating that the network of Colby extends far beyond the hill and the Waterville community remains an important to both former and current Colby. Thank you for affirming Colby’s stance, once more, as an integral member of the Waterville community and for helping ensure that all members of our community have the option of warmth and safety at the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter.


With Love and Respect,

The CVC Staff

We are all familiar with the harsh weather and bitter cold of the Maine winter months. While we hunker down in the library, grab an extra cup of coffee in the dining hall, and try not to fall on our way down Chapel Hill, it is important to recognize that this is an exceptionally challenging time of year for many people in our community who are homeless.

The Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter has in the past provided a warm place for those in need of shelter to go during the day. Colby has played a role in providing this service to the community from the beginning when it was started in the basement of a local church, with Colby students volunteered around the clock to keep the shelter staffed.

The Warming Center is in need of our help to be able to keep it’s doors open again this year. So for the month of November, the Colby Volunteer Center (CVC) will be running a fundraiser campaign to gather the $35,000 dollars needed to keep the shelter‘s doors open this year. We recognize that $35,000 seems like a lot of money, but if every Colby student gave $20 the fundraiser would easily reach its goal. To raise the funds the CVC has developed a number of initiatives, centered around raising awareness and helping our community.

CVC volunteers will be tabling in the Spa Nov. 9 – 13th and the days leading up to the weekend before Thanksgiving break. If you would like to donate, find us in the Spa or make a contribution via our GoFundMe page ( If you or your team/group/club wants to help or if you have questions about how to get involved, email us at [email protected]!

Halloween Extravaganza

Happy October from the Colby Volunteer Center!  Here at the CVC we are getting into the Halloween Spirit with the planning of our 18th Annual Halloween Extravaganza.  This Colby tradition provides children from the Waterville area a safe space to participate in Halloween activities, free of charge!  This year the event will be held on Saturday, October 24th from 1pm-3pm.  Come join us for face painting, cookie decorating, obstacle courses, and more!

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 4.32.12 PM

Freaky 5K

On November 1st, Colby is hosting the Hardy Girls Healthy Women Annual Freaky 5K. This race is held each year in efforts to fight against the over-sexualization of girls’ Halloween costumes by putting the scary back in Halloween, asking runners to dress up in fun costumes.  The Freaky 5K will be held on Sunday, November 1st at Colby’s Field House. The costume contest will begin at 9:45am and the 5k run/walk will follow immediately at 10. Registration is $25 for adults and $15 for students. You can register here. Please, please consider running this race for such an amazing cause, and encourage your department to do the same! Hope to see you on the course!

The Colby Volunteer Center facilitates student engagement with the greater Waterville area by building a strong, united community. In acknowledging the natural connection between Colby and the surrounding area, the CVC provides an avenue through which students are able to solidify their positions within the community. We embody the Colby affirmation by providing students with opportunities outside of the classroom to engage “ourselves, each other, and our physical environment” through “active, honest, and compassionate engagement with one another.”


Feel free to explore our sites and programs. If you have any questions send us an email at [email protected] or stop by during our office hours (listed to the right).