On Sunday at Sugarloaf, the football team assisted in the opening day of the Maine Special Olympics. Members of the football team and staff helped to organize and setup for the pre-event dinner as well as serving meals and cleanup. Furthermore to cap off the evening members of the team and staff participated in ice skating with participants as well as a karaoke event.

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Welcome back everybody for JanPlan! The CVC does not have office hours this month, but, if you need to reach us, feel free to email us at cvc@colby.edu. As always, taxi vouchers are available outside our office.

This semester, Common Street Arts has been working with Colby students to increase volunteer hours. We have the most hours that we’ve ever had, with a total of 20 hours! It certainly helped that we set up for the gallery’s Holiday Bazaar, which is ongoing through the month of December. The volunteers got to do more than the usual gallery sits–we patched up and sanded walls, tagged art works, and even helped out on opening night. The Bazaar is a great opportunity to see what local artists work on, and it adds another great connection between Colby and the surrounding areas of Maine. The gallery has an amazing space and its mission to spread creativity throughout Waterville and its surrounding areas is certainly underway.

Hardy Girls Healthy Women have had an amazing start to the semester. We have the most volunteers in our program than ever before at 47 lovely muses. We have increased the number of groups we have out in the the community to 23 and the waitlist for more groups is growing! Our biggest fundraiser the Freaky 5K was a huge success raising $11,000 dollars with over 100 Colby students running and volunteering at the event! Our muses are doing a wonderful job empowering and supporting the young women in the greater Waterville community!

Track Team Members Emily Tolman, Andrew Herwig, and Josh Hews volunteered in the Moon Walk for Inland Hospital’s Family Fun Series! The Family Fun Series is designed to promote healthy and active lifestyles in families in the Waterville community!  Thanks guys for braving the cold and the darkness for a great cause!


Teaching Poetry in Schools began as a course offered in the English department and we are proud to continue facilitating poetry exploration in the local elementary schools through the volunteer program. Our members teach lessons weekly in third, forth, and fifth grade classrooms in Waterville, Winslow, and Benton. Lessons range from topics like dreaming to poetic devices such as metaphor and simile; students work as a whole class, small groups, and individually to examine, write, and share poetry. After only a few months, our volunteers have noticed students’ imaginations open and willingness to take risks expand.

We want to thank everybody who woke up early Saturday to give back to the community. Over 100 volunteers paired up with PPD staff to help beautify and clean up the campus. Between 50 and 60 people spent time raking, 20 and 30 did cleaning, 10 cleaned campus signs, 15 planted bulbs. Many of the groups also enjoyed a nice lunch in Dana with their PPD staff member.


 More photos will come later!

Two days ago, Barrels had a nice get together as volunteers. Nearly all of the volunteers came and helped prepare dinner. They ate at Barrels along with the store’s two owners, Gene and Melissa. Program Leader Seth Bulter, who organized the event, called it a “huge success.” Seth said, “We got almost all volunteers, had some delicious food, and I felt like everyone really bonded/got to know each other well.”

The Evening Sandwich Program is a great way to give back to the Waterville community and connect with locals that volunteer.  The group at ESP is a really solid community and this semester we’ve been working on adding more volunteers after so many graduated last year.  We have quite a few new volunteers, many of whom are freshmen, and I think the weekly volunteer time is a great way to meet new members of the Colby and Waterville community.  We’re working on connecting with other groups on campus to possibly arrange a time for clubs to give back to the community during the holiday season.  We’ve been serving roughly 200 meals a day to adults and children in need, no questions asked.  With each new volunteer, the meals are made faster and older volunteers are able to take a break. I think building up the Colby presence within ESP has been an important part of this semester, and we look forward to continuing to spread the word about the program.  Hopefully this December will bring opportunities for fundraising projects and outreach from other groups on campus that can give the hardworking Waterville volunteers a break!


ESP volunteers preparing meals
(Photo compliments of Alice Anamosa of The Colby Echo)