Check out this article in the Colby Echo that describes the aspirations of Co-Directors Amanda Carbonneau and Josh Balk.

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My name is Seth and I am the Program Leader for Barrels Community Market. For those of you that don’t know, Barrels is a co-op (until this summer, it was a non-profit) on Main St that features fresh, local Maine foods and crafts.It was created as part of a revamping of Main St and is on its 4th year. What do we do as Barrels volunteers? We help with catering, restock fresh produce, take inventory, pick up foods from farms and bakeries, and do some cooking.

Seth Butler, Barrels Program Leader

Seth Butler, Barrels Program Leader

Here is Allie Phillips baking some delicious peanut butter cookies. Yum yum!

Here is Allie Phillips baking some delicious peanut butter cookies. Yum yum!

After a busy summer of fun activities that included zip lining and renovations to the building, the teen center has started its regular school year schedule. We are proud to report that we have Colby volunteers committed to going to the Center daily, which has allowed us to start creating good relationships with some really wonderful kids. In the near future we hope to start a weekly community service project in which students from the teen center, along with Colby students, go throughout the greater Waterville area helping out with various service based projects! The hope is that we can not only create a stronger bond between the students and their town, but also have some fun while we do it (because let’s face it, who doesn’t love playing with puppies)?

Some of the crew after one of their many summer adventures!

Some of the crew after one of their many summer adventures!

The Lakewood Continuing Care Center Program is excited to have a handful of dedicated volunteers return for their second year with the residents! Five additional enthusiastic volunteers have completed the required hour-long orientation and are now active members of this community volunteer program. Each week, the Colby volunteers visit the residents and participate in musical performances and other recreational activities, like playing checkers and doing puzzles. Some residents enjoy participating in large group activities while others prefer to partake in smaller activities; no matter what, Colby volunteers are always ready to engage with the residents. Soon, this program will be expanded so that more students from Colby can get involved at the Lakewood Center!

Paw Pals had a slow start to the semester as the Humane Society under went major staff changes. But since coordinating with the new operations manager to get volunteers who can committ each week the program has hit the ground running. Monday 10/7 three new dedicated volunteers were trained and will begin a weekly schedule. The Humane Society is having a great week as well with four dogs and nine cats being adopted out. They also have some upcoming events (Holiday Craft Fair, Rabies Clinic) where you will be sure to see some Paw Pals volunteers. Don’t forget to check out Humane Society Waterville Area on facebook to get your daily dose of furry cuteness.

Long term resident Wanda smiling up at a Paw Pals volunteer


The Evening Sandwich Program (ESP) has been serving the greater Waterville community since 1990 with a free no-questions-asked meal.  Meals consist of a hot soup, sandwich, fruit, and dessert. To hear what the site coordinator, Maili Bailey, has to say about the program, click HERE.

Are you interested in doing ASB but have not had the time to fill out the application? Do not worry!

We have extended the due date for the application until Sunday, October 6 at midnight.

  1. Applications can be found by clicking here.
  2. A description of the trips can be found by clicking here.

Best Buddies pizza party was a huge success on Friday! Everyone had the opportunity to either reconnect with their buddy with stories from the summer, or had the chance to meet their buddy for the first time.

Do you not know how you are going to spend your spring break? Are you looking for a rewarding experience of community service, volunteering, and alternative education?

If you answered yes to these questions, be sure to apply for ASB!

  1. Applications can be found by clicking here.
  2. A description of the trips can be found by clicking here.