Amanda and Naomi volunteered yesterday to help rake leaves for a local resident in Oakland. If you are interested in helping out next week, contact [email protected]


Saturday April 20 turned out to be a great day for volunteering. Colby Cares Day was a great success! We had, including the faculty involved and the two football coaches, 282 volunteers! Thanks to everyone who participated.

Here are some photos that we took:

Here are some more photos from Eliza Larson:

Congratulations to our March Volunteers of the Month!

In regards to the 2013 Maine Philanthropy Awards, the Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement and the Maine Association of Nonprofits (MANP) recently announced that “This year, the selection committee has chosen Matt White ’14 to receive the Colby Student Award.  During his sophomore year, Matt began MulePrep, a program that offers free SAT preparation to students in the greater Waterville area.  Under Matt’s leadership, the program has grown to provide assistance to 75 students and 6 teachers for the Fall 2012 session.  He continues to explore ways he can make a larger impact on youth education in central Maine, and has recently begun working to start a mentoring program for first generation college students.” The Awards’ dinner  will be happening on April 26, 2013 at Colby College. To find out more about the the Maine Philanthropy Awards and the April 26, 2013 Nonprofit Leadership Conference, please click here.


This semester, Hardy Girls Healthy Women volunteers have been working harder than ever to create the best possible experience for the girls in their groups. Once a week, co-leaders travel to an elementary or middle school and spend about an hour with a group of 4-10 girls discussing topics such as media literacy, girl fighting, family, and healthy dating relationships. As we approach the end of the semester, many groups are beginning social action projects. These projects focus on an issue inside or outside of the school that is important to the girls. They choose a creative way (making a video, writing a petition, or designing a brochure for example) to deliver a message about this issue to the school or larger group. Many volunteers went above and beyond the call of duty last Friday when they helped out at the annual Girls Unlimited Conference. This conference brings girls from the greater Waterville area to Colby’s Diamond building for the day where they participate in a variety of workshops and fun activities geared towards developing leadership skills, self confidence building, and girl empowerment. It is a great way for the girls to come together, learn more, and share what they know!

Working at Maine General is an inspiring and fulfilling way to get into the medical field.  Not only get experience from a doctor’s perspective, but really every aspect of a hospital setting.  Students have opportunities in the emergency department, day surgery, pharmacy, endoscopy, and many other departments.  In my own work in the emergency department, I am amazed at how much of a team effort a hospital environment is, and how smoothly Maine General’s team works as one unit.  From the doctors and nurses, to the pharmacists and technicians, to the custodial staff, every member plays an integral role in the patient-care system.  It is also wonderful to be able to interact with the many different patients and to really feel like you are helping within our Waterville community.  In my own personal experience, I have been most inspired by the passion of the people around me.  Talking to one of the ER physicians one day, he said he felt extremely lucky to be able to do something he loves so much as a career, saying, “You basically get paid to listen to people’s stories and learn about their amazing lives. It’s a wonderful thing.”

Unfortunately in the coming months, some of Maine General’s most important departments will be moving down to its second campus in Augusta.  While Waterville’s location will be receiving a beautiful new renovation we hope that Colby students will continue in their involvement with Maine General’s Waterville campus and bridge the gap between our college boundaries and the wonderful ton beyond.

At around 8am we slowly gathered in the Eustis parking lot, carrying huge boxes of food that we were meant to distribute into our little luggage bags before departure. Despite the gloomy weather and grogginess, we were all excited that all the preparation from the past few months was finally going to pay off. After a few struggles buying tickets and getting lost, we finally arrived in New York, drunk with fatigue, hungry, but still pumped for the week! That night, we sat around a huge table over a Salvadorian dinner and began building friendships as we shared our most embarrassing Colby moments!


Over the course of the week, we helped to serve meals in a huge basement at St Francis Xavier Church, bussed tables at Part of the Solution (POTS), packed lunches for four-hundred old people at the Meals on Wheels Program, and restocked shelves at Westside Campaign Against Hunger. On Monday, the rain and a little snow got the better of us because we had planned to go to Central Park and all the museums we had ever heard of were closed.

On Tuesday, we woke up to the best day of our ASB experience! After a relaxing morning in the park, we headed to POTS in the Bronx. POTS is a multifaceted organization that not only serves food, hot meals as well as groceries, to the homeless and low income people, but also provides services such as dental care, legal services, and job searches to help people get back on their feet.  However, our work in the afternoon was only with helping out with the distribution of hot meals. As a group, we were assigned different jobs. Some of us were in the kitchen preparing plates and washing dishes while others were out in the dining area serving food and cleaning tables. We were all impressed with the style and efficiency of the POTS. The hot meal distribution was set up more like a restaurant than a food kitchen, which was more welcoming and dignifying for everyone involved. After our shift at POTS, we headed over to The Highline, which is an old railroad track that was converted into a Park that looks over the city. On our way home from the park, we got stuck in a Subway station due to an accident that had occurred earlier in the day. The delay was great because we got to listen and sing along to “My Girl” with talented musicians at the station.

Overall, the ASB experience was overwhelmingly enriching! At the end of each day, we had edifying reflections and discussions about the work we were doing and what it means to us. We spoke of the circumstances that lead people to such situations and how we all could contribute to alleviating these problems. We often felt frustrated as we wanted to do more than we could, but as we learnt from POTS, “If you can’t do great things, do small things in great ways!” The gratitude of the people we worked with was incredible; the words “thank you” and “God bless you” were frequently heard, and they never lost their meaning or gravity. Simply a smile and a willingness to partake in conversation allowed us to make connections with and learn about others.  Some people would call us over just to ask us how we were today, and to thank us.  None of us could fully understand the lives that these individuals lived, but through hearing their stories, we were reminded of how often we forget the importance of the little things, how we are quick to assume or judge someone without knowing his or her story, how seeing the content on people’s faces makes the work more than worth it!

Hardy Girls Healthy Women complete another Girls Unlimited Conference at Colby College. Hundreds of 4th-8th graders girls engaged in leadership development and social activism projects to bring back to their respective schools. Many of the girls received awards for their distinguished activism work in the community. Lots of fun and laughter was had by all!

Want to learn more? Watch this video.