This week in Adults Reading to Children (ARC) volunteers braved the snow, and arrived at George Mitchell School in time to read to their beloved students.  Volunteers did everything from winter related Arts and Crafts to mentoring in the completion of reading activities.  One student in particular helped a kindergarten classroom cut out snowflakes to decorate their windows.  The kindergarteners were not only very proud of their work but also, they were very happy to have a Colby mentor help them.

Another Colby volunteer took their second grade mentee to the library and guided them in reading books about whales. Afterwards, the volunteer helped the student complete activities related to the whale readings, from coloring pages to activities related to comprehension.

Another great week for ARC!

~Pasquale and Georgie

1. Polar Bear Dip
When: 1:00 pm this Saturday, March 9th 
Where: Alfond Youth Center

How: The CVC is asking all participants to pay a $5 donation fee. All funds will benefit the Alfond Youth Center’s Kid’s Kitchen, part of its after school program that gives meals to kids (for the majority of these kids, it is their last meal of the day). Also, as part of Maine Restaurant Week, the $5 donation will give you access to all of the great food local restaurants will be making in a Fire/Ice themed Cook-Off!

2. Dog Sledding

What: Volunteering at Dog Sledding Event at Viles Arboretum at part of the Colby Volunteer Center’s Good Deed of the Week

Where: Viles Arboretum, 153 Hospital St., Augusta, ME

When: Sunday, March 10th and 17th, 10 AM – 3 PM (2-4 volunteers for any time block within this period)
Numbers: Viles wants 2-4 volunteers during each time slot, so on Friday once everyone has signed up we’ll figure out numbers. Priority will be first come first served.

How: Sign up here:

Best Buddies started off second semester with a great dinner in Dana’s Fairchild room. We ate pizza, burgers, french fries, pasta salad, brownies, cake, ice cream, and so much more. This is the first of many events this semester. We can’t wait for our next one: bowling!

For those of you who missed it, the CVC had a poster of all of our programs with their mission statement and a “this we believe” statement from the program leaders. Here are some pictures:

Here are the Good Deed of the Week opportunities:

1. ASB Field Day at Colby this Friday, February 22nd

2. Paintball Biathlon and Winter Fun Day this Saturday, February 23rd at the Quarry Road Trails (Waterville)

3. Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter (Waterville) sort through the donations they have received recently on Saturday, February 23rd

To sign up for any of these, click HERE

The CVC was recently featured in a Colby article about the importance of civic engagement and volunteering. To find out more, click HERE!

In addition to Big Prize Bing, the CVC had two other great events this week:

1. The CVC Expo, which took place in LoPo on Thursday, was a chance for Colby students and faculty to learn about our programs. Each program leader made posters to describe what they do. We were really impressed with how much traffic we got, so thank you to everyone who came!

2. The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was a huge success last night. We had over 50 volunteers and program leaders attend. Thank you to everyone who came last night! We were thrilled to see you there and hope that it gave you a good opportunity to get to know your fellow volunteers and talk about your programs.

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