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Bedside Manor is a small, 10 bed, newly established Alzheimer’s/Dementia’s Care Facility. It is a non-institutional, secure home for Alzheimer’s patients that provides nursing services, activities, and personalized attention. The facility understands the frustration, sadness, and heartbreaks that Alzheimer’s disease can bring, and strives to uphold the belief that although they cannot control the disease itself, they can control how the patients are treated. It is their mission to care and love the residents as members of their own family and try to make each day special for them, as they did not sign up, nor deserve to be stricken with the disease.

There is a very wide range of volunteering opportunities, including but are not restricted to:

  • Music if anyone plays an instrument the residents love that
  • Board games
  • Puzzles
  • Socializing  (talking about their past)
  • Walking outdoors
  • They like tossing a ball around or hitting balloons around
  • Arts and crafts

Really anything to get the residents involved. Please feel free to contact the program leader regarding any other ideas you may have!


If you are interested in learning more about volunteering at Bedside Manor, please contact the program leader!

  • Schedules extremely flexible, anytime that may work for you, we can probably work it out.

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Bedside Manor Alzheimer’s Care Facility

461 Belgrade Road,

Oakland, ME

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