Looking for faculty writing workshop materials? See  “Writing Workshop Resources.”

Assignment Design: “Designing Essay Assignments”– A short, useful .pdf overview with tips from Harvard University

Source Attribution and Plagiarism:

Grammar & Style: Diana Hacker’s Pocket Style Manual (6e) website is a treasure-trove of grammar, citation, and research exercises and self-quizzes. There’s also a collection of model papers (and outlines) by documentation style, including MLA, APA, Chicago, CSE and more.

EditingRichard A. Lanham’s “paramedic method” is a great teaching and revision tool. The method includes 7 steps for “diagnosing” convoluted writing that will help students craft more direct and concise sentences. (See Revising Prose 5th ed. for full explanation.)

Responding to Student Writing:Responding to Student Writing”  – a useful 2-page guide (Harvard University).

Working with Multilingual Students: