Wire Payments

If you wish to make a payment on a student account using a wire transaction, please email us at sfs@colby.edu for detailed instructions. Banking information changes periodically and we can quickly email you accurate information.

Electronic (ACH) Payments

If you are making a payment from a U. S. savings or checking account, you may wish to make an online payment via ACH from a Colby secure site. There is no charge for this transaction which provides an email confirmation. This requires the bank routing number, the checking or savings account number, student name, and Colby ID number.

Due to the high cost of processing fees, the College does not accept credit cards for payment on the student account.

Payment Mailing Address

Payment by Mail

If payment is made by check, please clearly identify the student name and Colby ID number on a separate piece of paper or memo section of the check, and mail to:

Student Financial Services
Colby College
P O Box 95000-3970
Philadelphia PA  19195-0001

If you are mailing any additional correspondence with your check or prefer to send your payment directly to the College, please mail the check to:

Student Financial Services
Colby College
4130 Mayflower Hill
Waterville ME  04901-8841

Again, please be sure to indicate the name and student ID to ensure timely and accurate recording.

Pay in Person

Payment by check or cash can also be made on campus in the Office of Student Financial Services, Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.