Top Headlines

Colby’s Investment in Waterville Makes the Front Page

The Boston Globe wrote a feature article on the “broad and ambitious plan, driven largely by Colby, to restore vitality and good jobs” in Waterville. In the story President Greene noted that “our futures are tied together,” and the city is “finally on the rebound, while Governor Mills said that “Colby’s investment is a great example of revitalizing our communities…and strengthening our economy.”

New York Times Covers Thompson Show

The New York Times published a major article on the Colby Museum’s Bob Thompson exhibition. The story, which appeared in the Sunday Arts & Leisure section, refers to the show as “a stunning look at a Black painter who looked to the old masters for inspiration; his bold attitude toward art history is summed up in the show’s title, This House Is Mine.”


Davis Institute for Artificial Intelligence

The Davis Institute for Artificial Intelligence at Colby is the first cross-disciplinary institute for AI at a liberal arts college.