Are you intrigued by classical myth, Greek tragedy, or the Roman Empire? Do you enjoy studying ancient history, languages, and cultural traditions? If so, join Colby’s classics professors in examining the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome and their impact on our world.

Western traditions of history, philosophy, science, religion, art, and literature draw their origins from the intellectual curiosity and colorful imagination of Greeks and Romans. Students in the Classics Department take courses in language, ancient history, Greek and Roman literature, archaeology, philosophy, and political science to gain an understanding of the people and cultures of classical civilizations. Students can concentrate on an extended period of classical history or focus on shorter periods in greater detail.

The department offers several majors, including classics, classical civilization, and combined majors with English and anthropology. Classics majors focus on language and literature in Greek, Latin, or both. Classical civilization majors incorporate all facets of classical culture without the language requirement.