Computer Science


Space travel, mobile phones, and the Internet wouldn’t exist without the innovations and discoveries of computer scientists. Computer science is applicable to almost every other discipline and enables modern academic and scientific experimentation and problem solving.

Start by exploring computer science in the introductory course, Computational Thinking, learning to program while creating digital images. In the next two courses you will examine fundamental data structures and algorithms and learn how to visualize and analyze large data sets. Advanced courses allow for deeper exploration into the key areas of computer science—algorithms, computational biology, software and hardware design, robotics, graphics, computer games, and the limits of computation. As a computer science major or minor, you will investigate the design of computational processes, computing systems, and virtual objects to answer the question “What can computers do?”

In addition to offering the major and minor in computer science, the department partners with other academic programs to offer interdisciplinary computation majors in biology, environmental studies, music, and theater and dance. Students in these majors explore how computers and computation can be used in a specific discipline, preparing them to be leaders and innovators in their chosen focus area.

Join professors and students in the Computer Science Department to explore possibilities, expand limits, and use computers to turn your ideas into reality.

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