Hong Zhang

Associate Professor of East Asian Studies

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Zhang, Hong


Post-Doctoral fellow, Fairbank Center for East Asian Studies, Harvard University
Ph.D., Anthropology, Columbia University
M.Phil., Anthropology, Columbia University
MA, Anthropology, Columbia University
MA, English, Wuhan University, China
BA, English, Huazhong Normal University, Wuhan, China

Areas of Expertise

  • Labor migration, gender, and NGOs
  • Family, rural life, and urbanization in contemporary China
  • Aging and population studies
  • Chinese culture and language

Courses Currently Teaching

CourseCourse Title
CN127 AIntermediate Chinese I
CN127 BIntermediate Chinese I
CN128 AIntermediate Chinese II
CN322 AThird-Year Chinese II
CN434 ADocu-China: Advanced Readings in Chinese
EA353 AGlobalization and Human Rights in China

Professional Information

I received my Ph. D. in Anthropology. At Colby College, I teach both Chinese language and Chinese culture courses. My research interests include: family and marriage, one-child policy, intergenerational relations, population aging, gender, urbanization, rural-urban migration, social change and contemporary Chinese society. In the past two decades, I have been doing research in a village in central China documenting changes in marriage patterns and family life. In more recent years I have begun to study migrant labor and urbanization in Chinese cities and document new aging experiences and family strategies in parental caregiving due to population aging, impact of one-child policy and changes in family structure.

Current Research

Impact of One-Child Policy on Daughters, Intergenerational Relation, and Parental Old-age Support.

Population Aging and New Eldercare Patterns in China

ASIANetwork Freeman Foundation Student-Faculty Scholarship for a collaborative research project "Redefine Old Age and Eldercare, Stories from China", Summer 2012. Colby Project

Fulbright Research Grant, 2009-2010. Gender and inter-generational relations of migrant families in China.

ASIANetwork Freeman Foundation Student-Faculty Scholarship: "Reconfiguration of Public Spaces in Urban China", Summer 2007.click here


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