Teachers and professors Graduate school in history
Lawyer Filmmaker
District attorney FBI agent
Corporate CEO Librarian
Company founder/president Museum project coordinator
Futures/commodities trader Museum Curator
Insurance agent Designer
School principal University dean of academic affairs
Occupational therapist Public broadcasting
Spiritual care coordinator Teach for America
Account executive Business analyst
Healthcare representative Loan examiner
Sculptor Logistics management specialist
Carpenter Pediatric nurse
Paralegal Records and information manager
Editor Archaeologist
Painter Travel underwriter
Sales manager Legal secretary
Director of development for a school Athletic director
Consultant Clinton Foundation
Contract analyst Communications coordinator
Baker Public health analyst
Education coordinator Physician
Tax manager Literacy instructor
Creative director Professional photographer
Marine scientist Publicist
Brokerage director Architect
Marketing manager Soldier
Social worker specialist Construction manager
Speech-language pathologist Council on Foreign Relations
Living history interpreter Software engineer
School psychologist Art buyer
Physical therapist Youth leadership coordinator
Director of admissions Bouncer
Genealogist Behavioral health clinician
Advertising Operating room assistant
Pastor College counselor
Coach Professional hockey player
Computer analyst Property manager
Human resources Admissions counselor
Research assistant Merchandising analyst
Client support specialist Information systems security officer