Vision Service Plan (VSP) is the national leader in providing eye health management.

The printable card below provides instructions on how to use your VSP insurance. To use the card, click on the picture and download it to your computer. Then fill in your personalized information next to “Member,” “Client ID,” “My Eyecare Provider,” and “Phone.” This card is not required for use of insurance, it’s merely a tool to help you organize your information.

To protect your personal information, Colby uses your Workday Employee ID in place of your social security number when creating your VSP account. As a result, when you visit the eye doctor, you will need to provide a 9-digit version of your Colby Workday Employee ID number (for example, if your ID number were 12345, you would make this number 9 digits by adding zeros to the beginning: 000012345), not your social security number.



VSP complements our current benefits by providing examinations, lenses, frames or contact lenses with reasonable co-pays. The individual monthly rate is $8.74 and the family rate is $18.78. Dependents are eligible up to age 26.

  • Eye Examination – $10.00 copay then 100%
  • Lenses – $25.00 copay then 100%
  • Frames – Up to $180 allowance plus discounts off balance over allowance
  • Contact Lenses – Copay up to $60 maximum, then $180 allowance toward contact lenses. Mail-in rebate offers are also available on select Bausch+ Lomb and ACCUVUE brand contacts. More information
  • Discounts on all non-covered lens options, and complete pairs of prescription and non-prescription glasses, including sunglasses
  • Out of Network options are available – for example eye exams are reimbursed up to $45, single vision lens up to $30, lined bifocal lens to $50, lined trifocals to $65, frames to $70, and contact lenses up to $105
  • Find participating network doctors
  • VSP Summary of Benefits

Note: The VSP vision plan is separate from the vision benefit associated with CIGNA’s OAP (350) health plan. Employees who select the OAP (350) plan receive a separate vision card and are entitled to one eye exam every 24 months at a participating CIGNA preventive visit eye doctor.

The vision benefits listed above are only for those who elect VSP coverage. There is not a card provided with the VSP plan. VSP uses the employee’s Colby Workday Employee ID number (with leading zeroes) to substitute for a social security number.


To create an account or to login to VSP online, click here.