Policy Highlights

Cell service is provided for faculty/staff members who require it for business.
The primary purpose of Colby paid cell service is for official business.
Supervisor and Admin VP approval is needed for new service or upgrades. See Request Form.
Colby cell service is centralized with equipment and contracts the exclusive property of Colby.
Plans are cost effective yet robust enough for all uses. Few alterations are permitted.
To avoid toll charges from campus, Colby cell phones are Waterville based numbers.
10¢/min reimbursements are rarely permitted. Other reimbursements/stipends are not permitted.
IRS rules require users to periodically verify the primary purpose for cell service. You may be contacted.
Colby cell phones are not to be exclusive or primary personal communication devices.
Cell expenses are charged to departments. Personal overages must be repaid to the user’s department.
(NOTE: Exceptions to any of these policies are rare and can only be made by the Administrative Vice Present.)

Colby Cell Plans (effective 1/17)

Basic Service: $45/month Includes 500 minutes/month* and the following features: local Waterville telephone numbers, no long distance or roaming charges within continental U.S., voice mail, unlimited night (after 7pm) and weekend minutes, unlimited incoming call minutes, unlimited incoming text messages, and no activation fee. Costs: $45/month plus one-time equipment cost. *Overages will result in additional costs.

SmartPhones $95/month: Includes all features above plus unlimited talk, unlimited data, unlimited texts, unlimited picture messaging, and navigation. Colby’s all-campus email and calendar functions are Google Apps so Google’s Android operating system is preferred.

NOTE: Plans are unique at Colby through VerizonWireless. Each phone carries a 2-year commitment. Other services, plans and/or carriers are possible but at higher costs. Available but excluded examples: international calling, GSM network, free mobile2mobile, tethered modem, data only, device insurance, and free repairs to name a few. Any cancellation expenses of up to $350 are charged to user departments. While carriers may offer personal plans for Colby personnel, they are not negotiated or administered by the College and, with few individual exceptions, reimbursements for service on non-Colby phones are not permitted.

Data-Only Cell Service $50/month

Some users of tab devices such as the iPad and Galaxy Tab, require cellular data service. This service is availabe with monthly plans starting at 2G and up. To add the service to an existing Colby device, the unique “imei” and “iccid” numbers are needed. They can be found under the “Settings/General/About” menu. Department accounts are charged for the service starting at $50/month. Faster service is charged at a higher rate.

Mobile Extension (MobileX)

Colby digital office desk phones are capable of linking to Colby cell phones. Unlike call-forwarding, MobileX treats the cell phone as a secondary desk phone allowing the user to switch back and forth between the two during a conversation. It makes the desk phone a portable office phone through our cell service. Caller ID for incoming Colby calls appear as the caller’s extension unless the caller has a customized caller ID. For more info, contact Colby’s telephone tech, Fred Staples, at x4238. This service is at no cost to departments.

On-Campus Cell Phone Support

On-campus cell phone support is limited and shared between ITS and the carrier.  It is important for users to understand that there is no on-campus support for software or hardware accessories not adopted by the college. Users must turn to service or software providers for support.

          ITS Support for data service, calendar syncing, etc., or call x4222.
          VerizonWireless Voice Mail for cell phone voice mail set-up and administration.

Cell Phone Screen & Minor Repairs

Colby has a relationship with a local cell phone repair shop known as “You Broke It?” Any user of a Colby cell phone can take advantage of their screen and other minor repairs. (The phone will need to be in our campus inventory and the user will need to show a Colby ID.) Costs for screen replacements/repairs range from $120-$150 and the college is billed with charges sent to the user’s departmental. You Broke It? is located downtown Waterville #5 Concourse East. Telephone is 877-7780, email is info@werepairedit.com.


International or Global Service

If traveling outside the United States and must stay in touch with Colby, an international package can be added to your phone for the travel dates. Known as Global Service, it is added and removed on a per phone basis for the specific travel start and end dates. Depending on the travel destination and length of travel time, the cost hovers between $40 and $80 and is billed to your Colby account.

To request Global Service, we need to know: Traveler’s Name, Cell Number, Destination(s), Travel Dates (including return date). With this information email: Global Request

Help setting up your phone for Global Service:  Android/iPhone Global Service Settings

Cell User Tid-Bits

FREE DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE Avoid expensive 411 directory assistance calls by using Google’s free service. Dial 800 466-4411. Better yet, add it to your speed dial list.

VOICE MAIL DEFAULTS/USAGE Having trouble getting into your cell phone voice mail? If it was reset or never activated, the default password is 9999. For more, click Voice Mail

KEEP TOWER CURRENT Cell phone companies are constantly adding towers to improve service. Be sure your phone is current with all the latest towers by occasionally reprogramming your phone’s tower list. Dial *228 and listen while your phone is updated. It’s recommended this be done at least every 6 months.

FORWARD CELL PHONE NUMBER You can forward you cell phone to any other number but minutes still apply. Dial *72 and ‘forward to’ number then press SEND. To cancel,*720\

TEXT FROM A COMPUTER Send a text to a cell phone from a computer. Click Send a Text