Registrar’s Office

Welcome! We provide services to faculty, students, staff, and alumni related to the curriculum, enrollment, classroom and final exam scheduling, academic requirements and records, grading, transcripts, certifications, diplomas, and more. Please feel free to contact us by email, telephone, or in person.


Registrar Site Moved to WordPress (as of 8/27/14)

The registrar’s site has a new look and function! Please contact us if you can’t find something you need. In keeping with the college’s migration to the portal, non-public pages are now only available through myColby. We regret any inconvenience, especially at this busy time of year.

Fall Schedules and Add-Drop Open (as of 8/18/14)

Fall Schedules are available, and Add-Drop (Fall) is open now that over-enrolled courses have been pruned, and sections have been balanced.

First-years with fewer than 16 credits are advised to add courses now. (We were not always able to make use of alternates to fill out schedules after over-enrolled courses were pruned.)

Schedules are largely confirmed, although there may be some changes, not just in language courses, after the language placement exams on September 1st (mandatory for new students planning to continue study of a language at any point). There may be some new openings in language courses then; check with individual language instructors on the first day of class to find out if there is room.

Students should check the course “Rules” link in “Add-Drop” or “Curriculum Search” before attempting any changes and not assume they can get back into a course if they drop it to try to change sections or courses. Instructors maintain their own waiting lists. Students should contact the instructor to request a course authorization or to be added to a waiting list.

Final Exam Schedule Posted (8/18/14)

“Final Exam Schedule (Basic)” is available here and on myColby Academic(s). Exam codes for courses can be viewed in Fall Courses (Excel) as well as on student and faculty schedules, faculty course lists, in Add-Drop, and Curriculum Search.

Current Students:

Please use Student Portal (myColby Academic) to view your Academic Records, to use Add-Drop or Course Selection (when available), to view and request changes to your Biographical Information, to search the Curriculum, to apply for an Independent Study/Honors Project/Internship, to set Parent Permissions, etc.


Please use Faculty Portal (myColby Academics) to view your Advisees, Course Rosters, and Course Evaluations; to Clear an advisee to Select courses; to enter Grades (via My Courses); to issue Course Authorizations; to approve an Independent Study, Honors Project, Internship, or Off-Campus Study application, etc.