Registrar's Office


Welcome! We provide services related to academic requirements and records, the catalogue and curriculum, classroom and final exam scheduling, course enrollment, degree/enrollment certifications, diplomas, grading, transcripts, and more. Please feel free to contact us by email or telephone, or drop by Eustis 201.


Dates and Deadlines (as of 3/16/18)

Fri, Mar 23 Drop** deadline
  (Class of 2021 may withdraw** through May 11)
– Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading* revocation deadline
Add credit in variable-credit course deadline
Tues, April 3 – Work for Jan Plan Incompletes due (unless an earlier deadline was specified by the instructor); Grades due within one week of the work deadline.
* Colby’s version of pass/fail grading; a C- or better is required for an “S” and earned credit
** Dropped courses do not appear on the academic record or transcript. Withdrawn courses appear with a grade of W, WF, or WU.

Any student who is having difficulty obtaining an authorization or signature, or who realizes they have missed a deadline, should contact the Registrar’s Office ( without delay. See Critical Dates for a more complete list of deadlines.

Current Students:

Use the Student portal (myColby Academic) to view your Academic Records, to use Add-Drop or Course Selection (when available), to view and request changes to your Biographical Information, to search the Curriculum, to apply for an Independent Study, Honors Project, or Internship, to set Parent Permissions, etc.


Use the Faculty portal (myColby Academics) to view your Advisees, Course Rosters, and Course Evaluations; to Clear an advisee to Select Courses; to enter Grades (via My Courses); to issue Course Authorizations; to approve an Independent Study, Honors Project, Internship, or Off-Campus Study application, etc.

Department Chairs, Program Directors, Academic Assistants:

Please see the Dept Chairs portal (myColby Academics) for many administrative resources.