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Regional Internet DNS Outages Reported Friday October 21

Update 6:30 PM : Dyn has reported the issue resolved again.  All affected sites appear to be back to normal.

Update 2:00 PM : The attack on Dyn DNS infrastructure is continuing.  This is impacting the ability to resolve many Internet sites as well as some Internet clients’ ability to reach from the outside.

Update 11:25 AM : The issue has returned – Dyn-hosted sites like Twitter, Spotify, etc are unreachable again as another attack has begun on Dyn.

Update 9:20 AM: Dyn DNS is reporting that they’ve restored service.  ITS will continue to monitor the issue.

If you can’t reach Twitter this morning, you are not alone.

A major DNS (Domain Name Service) provider, Dyn, is reporting widespread outages as a result of a network denial of service attack that started at around 8 AM Eastern time today.  This is affecting many large Internet sites including Twitter, Spotify and the Playstation network and the ability of much of the US Eastern coast to reach them.  It is also affecting the reach-ability of from off campus.  Though largely out of our control, ITS is monitoring the situation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Faculty and Staff Support center at x4222 or

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Outages and Planned Work

10/25 5:30 10/25 6:00 patch Linux hosts Proposed
10/25 5:00 10/25 5:05 reboot DNS server Proposed
10/24 18:00 10/25 9:00 PowerFAIDS upgrade to 22.0 In Progress
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