ColbyCard Request Form

  • You are using this form to request that a new ColbyCard be prepared for you. Before submitting this form you should consider the option of securing a temporary card from Security or the ColbyCard Office. I suggest this if you would like to wait a few days in case it turns up. By submitting this form, you authorize the ColbyCard Office to process your new card. Once a replacement card is issued the old card cannot be re-activated.
  • Enter your full first and last name.
  • Enter your email address, including the
  • my card and understand that there will be a $20 fee for damaged or lost cards. Please note there is no charge for replacing cards that stop working from normal use. Please bring the non-functioning card with you or we will need to apply the $20 fee. If you return your damaged card when you visit the card office for replacement we can dispose of the card properly and replace your card immediately.
  • Questions about your card may be answered by visiting the ColbyCard Office location in the lower level of the Garrison-Foster Health Center building, at Financial Services, or by calling x4130.