President David A. Greene at construction site in downtown Waterville

Strategic Investments

By making its boldest investments in modern times, Colby is creating best-in-class buildings on campus, catalytic change in downtown Waterville, increased student financial support, and an enhanced student experience that leverages its location and connects students to the world far beyond campus.

Premier facilities are essential to the College’s commitment to excellence in all endeavors and to fostering healthy, active, and athletic lifestyles. Our new 350,000-square-foot athletic complex, slated to open in 2020, will become a center for training, competition, and recreation for the community and an economic boon to Waterville. Since 2016, Colby has opened a new baseball/softball complex and state-of-the-art turf fields for our varsity players and neighbors in the community.
Colby is taking a leadership role in developing a new model for the liberal arts—one that infuses the pursuit of knowledge with opportunities to apply this knowledge to complex global issues. This innovative approach has been strengthened and streamlined in a renovated and expanded Grossman Hall, which houses our groundbreaking DavisConnects program supporting research, internships, global experiences, and postgraduate planning in an entirely new way. (Photo: Trent Bell Photography)
Grossman Hall
Picture it: An exceptional performance and viewing space for theater, dance, music, and cinema studies that’s also a creative laboratory for the performing arts and multidisciplinary curriculum. Now in development, Colby’s proposed center for arts and innovation will encourage new creative collaborations between faculty, staff, and students in unexpected and exciting ways.
Arts and Innovation Center
In 2015, Colby forged partnerships to invigorate our downtown into a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly district. With renovations underway to house new businesses, a new center for community spaces, retail, and residences for students and faculty in progress, and a boutique hotel and eatery in planning, Colby’s investments are inspiring others and creating a sustainable economy in downtown Waterville.
The most-talented students from every background should have access to the best possible education and the opportunity to graduate without loans to repay. This is the Colby Commitment, which in 2014 inspired an additional investment of $5 million in financial aid to bring students who will make the biggest impact at Colby to our campus.
Office of the President
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