EVENTS HOTLINE:  extension 4222 (207-859-4222)

It is the goal of ITS Event Support to provide excellent support for campus events. This goal can be achieved with proper preparation which includes the time necessary for assembling resources, and then effectively deploying them.

Adequate Lead Time

Lead time is needed to assemble and effectively deploy resources. Complete details of the event (date, time, place, guests, etc.) should reach ITS either directly or through the Scheduling Office prior to the event at least:

2 Business Days if event is in media equipped classroom or other campus venue during regular Colby business hours.

5 Business Days if event is in media equipped classroom or other campus venue, during regular Colby business hours, in a non-equipped campus space, during non-business hours (nights, weekends, etc.), is an all-day event or part of a set of all-day events.

Every attempt to meet short prep event needs is made but organizers must minimize expectations, and understand meeting such needs once doesn’t mean it can happen again. Events with short prep carry a risk of failure. If the failure¬†risk is too high, the support request may be rejected.

Levels of Service

ITS Event Support reviews the media needs of an upcoming event then determines the appropriate service level required:

Standard Service for most Colby events is support for the media equipment located across campus, or is checked out from Miller Library. It does not include having a CMR student employee remain throughout the event or to operate equipment, but the ITS Support Center (x4222) is available should problems arise. There is no charge to departments for Standard Service.

Gold Shirt Service is limited to academic year on-campus scheduled events, and typically employs off-campus professionals for sound and/or video services. Based on needs, timing and available resources, an action plan is developed to ensure a technically successful event. The customer can accept the plan and associated expenses (a Colby cost center is required for charges) or hire their own Independent Contractor.

On-site Tech Sound Mixing Video/Streaming

On-Site Tech On location tech support $40/hr
Sound Mixing Contracted sound set-up and mixing $65/hr
Video/Streaming Contracted video taping and live streaming $250/base & $65/hr*
*$65/hr for each tech, streaming requires 2-3 techs. Ten days advance book-
ing required or $300/base. Base charge is non-refundable after booking.


Independent Contractors can be employed by campus event organizers. In such instances, Event Support is generally not involved with the event, and resources, such as installed or loaner equipment, can not be used by contractors. They must provide their own complete set-ups. Colby typically only provides power which must be coordinated in advance with Facilities Services.

The contracting department is responsible for all interactions with the contractor including completing Colby’s standard Independent Contractor Memorandum Agreement required by the Financial Services office. ITS staff can offer advice such as reviewing “Riders” or the capabilities of campus venues. However, ITS can not provide: oversight of the event or contractor, partnered support, backup support, accounts payable or budgetary assistance, use of facilities support, or responsibility for assuring compliance with these and other applicable Colby policies and laws.