• Connect to \\colby.edu\MyFiles\software
  • Double click on windows, and select SFTP clients
  • Copy the winscp515setup to your desktop and double click to install it
  • On the setup page, click next, select Typical installation, click next, install and click finish
  • On the WinSCP login page, enter host name: colby0
  • Enter Colby username and password
  • Click Login (make sure that SFTP in the file protocol is selected and the port number is 22)




  • A window such as below will appear—click Yes




  • A authentication banner window will appear. Continue (Do not check the “Never show this banner again” box)




  • The left side displays files from local computer, and the right side displays images from the web server




  • To transfer files, drag item from either the left side to the right side or from the right side to the left side
  • Transfer is complete