Dear Colleagues,


The Humanities Division has a set budget line to reimburse individual faculty up to $250 for purchases of books or materials related to their teaching and/or scholarship.


This year, 2019-2020, all requests for reimbursement from this fund must be submitted to Vivian Wood via e-mail at by 8 am September 13th. No paper copies will be accepted.


Please submit your receipts attached to your book purchase list page (see book purchase list page below) as one pdf file.


  1. Use the sheet below to list your book purchases: include your name, department, date, and a list of your book purchases with the total amount to be refunded.
  2. Scan or attach all pertinent receipts in the order in which you listed them on this page.

E-mail the list page and receipts as one pdf file to Vivian Wood at

  1. Note: foreign currency exchange rates can and should be calculated the day you are submitting your receipts, in order to receive the most current rate using link below:


Please keep in mind that Vivian will process and confirm reimbursements on a first-come, first-serve basis. She will let me know as soon as the budget line has been expended.


Adrianna Paliyenko, Chair