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Colby is pleased to announce that effective January 1, 2019, all benefit eligible employees will have the option to enroll in dental benefits for themselves and their dependents.

Colby has collarborated with Northeast Delta Dental to offer employees important dental benefits including preventive, basic, and major services as well as child and adult orthodontia benefits.

As a Northeast Delta Dental member, you have access to the largest network of participating dentists both locally and throughout the United States. You also have the freedom to receive care from any licensed provider, regardless if they are in-network or out-of-network. Note that you will pay less when you use a dentist who participates in the Northeast Delta Dental PPO and Premier Networks as providers have agreed to provide services to plan members at special discounted rates

Your Dental Networks are Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier.

Delta Dental PPO is one of Northeast Delta Dental’s contracted national network based programs providing deeper discounts that result in greater savings to you.

Delta Dental Premier is Northeast Delta Dental’s national network based products offering pre-negotiated fees. Participating Dentists do not charge patients above the pre-negotiated fees, accepting them under these terms as payment in full.

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  • NO Waiting Period for coverage
  • NO Office Visit Co-pays
  • Diagnostic & Preventive covered at 100% with NO deductible
    • Includes cleaning visits
    • Covered services here do not accrue to your $1,500 annual maximum
  • Basic Restorative covered at 80%
    • Includes fillings, oral surgery, root canals, and periodontal cleanings
  • Major Restorative covered at 50%
    • Includes dentures, bridges, crowns, onlays, and implants
  • Orthodontics for children & adults covered at 50% up to $1,500 with NO deductible
  • Health through Oral Wellness (HOW) included at no cost – click here to learn more about Extra Benefits–at No Extra Charge–for Those Who Need Them
  • Ability to choose your dentist of choice

For the complete Outline of Coverage, click here.

To review Northeast Delta Dental’s PowerPoint presentation, click here.

2019 Employee Dental Rates

Level of Coverage Monthly Premium Bi-weekly Premium
Employee Only $8.00 $4.00
Employee + 1 $29.00 $14.50
Family $52.00 $26.00