Internship and research opportunities are an integral part of the Colby experience. Students who participate in them not only gain valuable experience, they also find it easier, after graduation, to obtain quality employment or earn acceptance into graduate school. Each year endowed funds help ensure that any student can get real-world experience and discover how her or his major can lead to a career.

Internships are mentored work experiences that occur off campus, while research opportunities are close collaborations between students and faculty that typically happen at Colby. Recently, students involved in these programs have taught HIV prevention in Malawi, worked as auditors at KPMG in Thailand, researched Parkinson’s disease, and studied dietary behavior. Experiences like these prepare students for later success and, in many cases, are possible thanks to endowed fund support from generous donors like you.

How You Can Help

The majority of internships are unpaid positions, and research opportunities at Colby are possible largely through philanthropy. By establishing an endowed fund, you can allow exceptional Colby students, regardless of financial situation, internship and research opportunities that will lead to successful careers and lives after graduation.

Gift Opportunities

Student internship and research funds may be created with gifts starting at $100,000 and can be $500,000 or more. Student internship funds are one of Colby’s greatest needs, because all students are encouraged to explore career choices by completing at least one internship during January or the summer. Create a fund at any level and you will receive personal contact from the student or students who benefit from your gift each year.

Student Internship Fund

Creating an endowed student internship fund is one of the most effective ways to support Colby students. The internship fund you create will allow students, year after year, to gain valuable work experience during summers or Jan Plan terms. Most internships are unpaid and, depending on geographic location and other factors, travel and living expenses for students can be high. That makes your gift supporting internships critical for Colby students who might not otherwise be able to afford these important career-building experiences.

Summer Research Fund

Faculty and students working closely together is a proven experiential learning model—it helps students grow cognitively, professionally, and personally. You can make those changes possible by creating a summer research fund. These funds pay for a student to live and learn on Colby’s campus and participate in the Colby Undergraduate Summer Research Retreat.

Off-Campus Research Fund

Many students can benefit from spending summers or Jan Plan terms working on research projects at off-campus locations, for example Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in East Boothbay. By creating an endowed off-campus research fund you can help students every year engage in work outside the classroom, side by side with researchers, that helps prepare them for the future.